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  1. well lets see now. not sure these are small. almost of my traveling has been curtailed. i usually get out of Hua Hin every month for a week to ten days as it is horribly boring for me looking at the same faces on Thai Friendly for seven years. i have managed to go to Bangkok a few times only because someone told me not to. 2020 i managed to live in a nice hotel for six months at 70% off in Bangkok with plans to lease a condo in 2021 but Bangkok no fun now so no go. no restaurants, no glass of wine. not much fun going out on dates. most trendy restaurants with cool bars are closed. parks closed so can't even jog away from traffic. i would go once a year to Pattaya the spiritual epicenter of Thailand, and stay a month, jog beach road. bad man. under arrest. Hua Hin's primary escape route, the ferry to Pattaya is out of business. really horrible. two long distance motorcycle trips cancelled. i was going on a big Phuket trip in Feb 2021. can not. usually a plan for Koh Chang. no have. 2021 was supposed to be the start of the first "pick up truck road trip". but i did not buy a big red Ford pick up truck and i am glad i didn't as no where to go. that's funny, the Bangkok auto show was not cancelled. spent six hours there. i eat way more grab and food panda now at the house and at Bangkok hotels. amazing the amount of trash that creates. decided to get a live in girlfriend at the house during lockdown. i can order cosplay outfits for her from Lazada dirt cheap. my maid is not happy about her because she likes me being a prisoner all alone. but i still send her some money. i have gained 3 kilos eating all this Grab/Panda food and my girlfriend eats chocolate cake for lunch so a bad influence. but she only weights 40.6 kilos so no problem yet. not exercising enough. ordering more in Lazada instead of shopping trips to Bangkok. Unfortunately more Netflix. my cat had kittens so i was here for that.
  2. "allegedly found a group of people drinking, although it was not stated if they were drinking alcohol. The police say they also saw some people dancing by a pool. The Pattaya News notes that under the Emergency Decree, dancing in a group, or gathering in a group, is a violation of the decree." did they bring a SWAT team? can't be too careful these days.
  3. so all new sidewalls and flood control built to western standards, entirely new police force, clean air regulations... i could go on... everyone wears a condom?
  4. thank you. i don't quote those "sources". the mail was bad enough. back to the subject at hand.
  5. sorry for using The Mail but everything else was behind a paywall. "Evergrande teeters on the brink of collapse with debts of more than $300 BILLION" https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10009503/Global-stock-markets-plunge-Chinese-real-estate-giant-Evergrande-teeters-brink-collapse.html "Has China’s Housing Crisis Finally Arrived? The government seeks to avoid Evergrande Group becoming Beijing’s Lehman Brothers." https://foreignpolicy.com/2021/09/15/china-housing-crisis-evergrande-real-estate/ OK class, what effect do you think this will have on Thailand's real estate market?
  6. i think i read something to do with mobile devices and too many images.
  7. 50% will not cut it. cost needs to be just like you are in California, France, Italy or Spain enjoying a grass of wine with your dinner. or looking for a nice Merlot at Villa Markets. and it looks like five years is when they will pull the rug out from this entire "wealthy foreign residents and skilled professionals" scheme.
  8. Thailand's government will never acknowledge the money that retired or married expats contribute to the economy.
  9. yes and free airline tickets from the border to many US cities.
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