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  1. Sandbox.... winning! If we arent going to stop complacency we can expect to face the gauntlet of death that will surely come. People are tired of the strife and failings. Most people I meet have the, "If I get sick and die attitude, then I die," manyra, which is sad. Open up, and dont turn back!!! Well hold on everyone we're in for a surprise!
  2. You guys report on this but not on the American bar owner and the two truck loads of foreigners arrested at a birthday party on 30 Aug 2020 in Pattaya Banglamung district. Why did you not report this incident?
  3. Yes I got a card with all facts of first injection (No expiration date) and a follow up appointment from Med Park.
  4. So which is it@Thaiger ? You suspect they ran out, or you know for sure that they ran out. You realize many already have an appointment for a follow up "Jab" starting in a couple of days? So are you speculating that MedPark has ran out of the alloted 2nd dose that patients have appointments to receive. Suspect or speculation is not good news reporting. Your article has people panicking who already have received the first Pfizer dose and have appointments for their 2nd. Why would you post suspect or speculation? A professional reporter would never speculate and would report facts. So are they out of Pfizer? Do they have the promised 2nd dose they have already made appointments for?
  5. Could you imagine if someone put a bag over his head and told him to confess, only tgat he wouldn't, and he dies. Justice is fickle in the world. What would happen if same thing happened to him?
  6. Right! Too bad you can pick up several media source's through the years and read that this is a cycle and has been repeated many times in the past. How will there be a change really, when the overall goal is income? I've said it before they made a movie in the 1970s titled "JAWS," the city planners wanted mony and fore went safety at first, all in the name of tourism. The only solution was to stop the threat... whats Phukets plan to stop continuing threats like tis?
  7. Or that they are alcoholics and simply dont wish to drink alone, nor do they respect themselves or others, but maybe they do have the sense of privilege.
  8. Yes and sitting on beach is, bad, bad, but walking on side walk in large crowds is good, good, and covid goes home at 21:00
  9. And there is no prostitution in Thailand, and the bar owners aren't pimps nor do they make money off the ladies. Seems like so many hypocrites these days. So many ckme here to do and get away with that which they cant in their own lands. But to be blatant is the crime.
  10. Shocking isn't it? I wonder id there were other shenanigans happen all over Soi Buakow at the same time. Like crowds at the markets, crowds on the road period. I mean other than the alcohol what gets a group or individuals singled out?
  11. Lets hope they open things up, since closing isn't working!
  12. Winning! I wonder why counties advised their citizens not to travel here?
  13. Do you think this sort of thing hasn't happened before?
  14. You mean the killer is a habitual liar? He said, he was aroused but only robbed her. Do you think he will confess truthfully, or just do what criminals do? It's Sad this lady was killed over something petty, and unnecessary.
  15. So who's the coward that probably just stopped in the road, due to lack of drivers training, or overall sense of other drivers on the road? One can only hope justice is served.
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