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  1. I had graduated chemical engineering school (put myself through college 2x) and paid off what little loans as fast as I could from my 1st engineering job in aerospace. Right after that last loan payment I put a down payment on one of the 1st 2nd generation RX-7's in Los Angeles county in '86. Drove off the lot and had a speeding ticket 6hrs later. The officer had no idea what he was looking at and thought it was a Porsche until I enticed him to let me open the hood and show him the no piston engine. He was impressed, but still gave me the ticket :-O. I actually owned two in my life and had a blast with each. A real engineers car from the rear wheels that sensed the turn G's and either toe'd in or out depending to get around a corner without loss of the road, the dash layout, the aerodynamics, center of gravity was really the center of the car, etc.... Only about 140Hp but the car was so light that it took off really quick. Funny thing I was living in Fort Collins CO getting ready to move the family to Thailand when I though "I have not seen an RX-7 on the road in a long time" not two days later at the car wash, a 3rd generation FD twin turbo charged 250Hp version with 58k miles on it was sitting there for sale. I actually thought for a moment about staying... Good copy of my 2nd baby, all the right colors shown here.
  2. He is a Kiwi (some of the funniest inebriated culture I've ever woken up with a hangover with) I would have thought this would have been a more appropriate gift:
  3. My buddy in the Los Angeles area submitted the last piece of his COE about 2.5 days ago though the LA consulate, got a rejection saying that his is lucky that he will be one of the first to take advantage of the Thailand Pass scheme. He is not happy, all his efforts for the COE will be for naught. The US Thai Embassy website says COE would be processed through Nov 1st. He has lived in Thailand long enough to know that you don't want to be the lab rat for any Thai gov procedure that involves technology. He is going to confront the Consulate on this.
  4. Teens vote for all the Oh My Ghost flicks they watched when on vacation in Hua Hin while raining.
  5. Sorry meant to say english subtitled! You have to hear the Thai for all the vocal emotions.
  6. What about the original Yam Yasothon (love the music) or Pee Mak Phrakanong. Even dubbed in English is funny as hell!
  7. Sure it will make a difference, they just left off the comma. Should say: Thailand, Pass....
  8. This is more my speed for experiencing the edge of space! Hopefully the bar on board will serve Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters!: https://www.space.com/world-view-space-tourism-stratosphere-balloon
  9. What? Did he shat-ner his pants from where no man has gone before!?
  10. Mera: "I hate it when you swim home drunk!" Aquaman looks in mirror: "Ohhhh, that's gunna leave a mark, hand me some aspirin will ya"
  11. I use Nord 3 yr signup, have business/research stuff that needs VPN as some sites will not allow access from outside the US and I need extra security for some things. Has worked great, Netflix blocked content viewed is a plus.
  12. So it is Oct 1st, what are the requirements to fly to Phuket on a non-stop flight from Chiang Mai? Double Pfizer vaxxed.
  13. What about rules for domestic flight non-stop from Chiang Mai (Viet jet flight Oct 8th)? I am double vaxxed with Pfizer and did not see where this was addressed with entry requirements.
  14. The US wants Thailand to ask for it, Thailand wants the US to ask for permission to donate it. Simple as that.
  15. A first year law student in a so so US university would blow hole in the courts argument since the case is about discrimination, not societal benefit. It seems the court does not understand the definition of the word discrimination as long as Thailand hospitals benefit.
  16. If your going to throw in the towel on beating the virus (no med-tech to beat it yet) then frik'n throw in the towel and continue to accept/encourage overseas donations and get them distributed and let's get the show on the road!
  17. Dude, I have to give you the Happy Hawaiian Shirt of excellence just for your choice of profile name and pic! Death to the Zagons!
  18. A concerned citizen who did not get invited! Come on, a villa in the middle of a durian plantation, who were they going to bother!
  19. Went to go look for reservations and there was nothing after 9/26 for months and months...
  20. So where the hell is Chiang Mai in the color coding provinces provided?
  21. Larger pieces of Ambergris are actually regurgitated so calling it poop is not accurate.
  22. Just happens I found that crayon color sitting between "Unmellow Yellow" and "Mauvelous" in the kids Crayola box. Kind of a dull grey-ish hue, quite unremarkable actually.
  23. I think he meant investing in bitcoin (gambling as far as I'm concerned). Making a run for the border to join his significant other holding the hard wallet.
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