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  1. Nice of South Korea, where I am currently and have not yet been able to be vaccinated. I was in Thailand when they opened vaccines for my age, 53. When I returned to Korea I was told I had to wait for them to re-open to those who missed their first chance. Hopefully, I'll get an appointment in the next few weeks and with the donations to Thailand, my wife, currently in Thailand, will get an appointment for a non-Chinese vaccine.
  2. You specifically asked how the US could have kept Bagram Air Base. I said they could as they had for the last 20 years. Bagram and Kabul. Was that puerile?
  3. Well lets see... I an now 35 km from the DMZ. I am not depending on a patrol os soldiers to protect us here. There are some Americans at the DMZ, but mostly South Koreans. Most US troops are far from th border. Not patrolling, but doing their jobs. My point is they should have, and certainly could have had them there.
  4. Ridiculous. They don't "patrol" jack shit. 25,000 soldiers there are a trip wire and instill confidence that there is a real alliance. North Korea could obliterate Seoul in two days, they don't wish to be obliterated 2 days later. 10,000 permanent soldiers at Bagram et al. would have ensured a lot.
  5. Ah, dumbassery! When the Philippines asked for the removal of the Subic Bay base, the US complied. The US stays where they are wanted, and leaves otherwise.
  6. The Soviet Union is history...Grenada, Panama. Prior to Bay of Pigs, South Korea, Japan ans Germany seen to be dong well. Iraqis happy to be rid of the Husseins???
  7. Robert Gates...you've obviously never heard of one of the most important foreign policy guys of the past 25 years. The "m" and "t" are not close on a keyboard.
  8. Anne Applebaum wrote this: A theocratic, misogynistic, militaristic organization is rapidly destroying whatever elements of liberal society managed to take root in Afghanistan during two decades of “neocon imperialism.” Within hours of the Taliban victory, women were told not to enter Herat University, Taliban forces firedon peaceful protesters, and those who worked with Americans or Europeans in any capacity went into hiding or tried to escape. In the streets of Kabul, men began hastily whitewashing posters showing the faces of women, who will now once again be banished into the shadows. https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2021/08/liberal-democracy-worth-fight/619833/
  9. Especially to a group of bloodthirsty religious psychos that execute people in sports stadiums and flog people for cutting off their beards. I'd be proud to work for any enemy that helped girls get an education and didn't stone people to death. The shame on my country, America, is that we are no longer protecting those who helped the vast coalition of mostly civilized nations fighting against the insanity that is the Taliban and al Qeada. I still have hopes that the idiotic notion of abandoning the Afghan people to 7th century barbarism can be changed. Luckily, I don't believe that the nutty isolationism and China support I see in this forum are widely shared. I generally would not keep commenting, but since I am in 14 day quarantine due to international travel, I'll keep my blood pressure high by watching responses.
  10. Are those the Afghanis desperately trying to get into Hamid Karzai Airport?
  11. To prevent terrorist attacks that kill thousands. Nearly everyone other that ultra-pacifists agreed that NATO should go to Afghanistan in September 2001.
  12. The Emir of the Taliban, the new rulers of Afghanistan and allies of al Qaeda, Hibatullah Akhundzada, sent his own son to blow himself up in a terrorist attack in 2017. Don't believe it when you hear people say that the Taliban is any different than they were in 2001. Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri has sworn a "blood oath" to Akhundzada. This is what the Trump Administration and now the Biden Administration was and is negotiating with.
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