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  1. The day I understand American foreign policy is the day I'll call for voluntary sectioning.
  2. Maybe, but I don't see the point. It'll never be their territory.
  3. And of course splashing about in the South China Sea..........to no great end other than annoyance.
  4. As in 'What they should do.........?' I concur mate' I'm off like a shot.
  5. Yup, that's the way it's going to go. So, what are you going to do? I'll go for it.
  6. We do ok for a little rock in the middle of the north sea. Call it living down to expectations. Have a wonderful day.
  7. In fairness, she didn't refer to him as a footballer. 'Football man' was the term used.
  8. We may never know, history now, but another head shake for the Chinese.
  9. Well, to us Brits a coach is a mode of transport for a lot of people, all at the same time. No so specific, even for the gifted among us. Like you. Enjoy your Thursday.
  10. It's not a list as such. It's an 'A-E Of Desirable Surroundings.'
  11. Quite. Which was a coalition led by the Americans. Remember 'you're either with us or against us.' GW Bush. Have a pleasant night.
  12. Who's politicians would that be? Country I mean? Not Afghanistan, the others. Have a good rest of Wednesday.
  13. Won't help the vaccination campaign. Moderna is a mythical substance as far as Thailand is concerned. Stay safe everyone.
  14. I don't think China will be 'emboldened' as they didn't care one whit either way then or now. The thing it has done is expose the mighty America as all mouth and no trousers. Watching Blinken play the lbgtqxyz card was utterly cringeworthy following recent embarrassments. Enjoy your day.
  15. That should do it. Did you attach a picture of a shaken fist? Have a lovely day.
  16. That wouldn't be anything to do with the reporting would it? Have you heard about the police Lance Corporal that's been in a coma with a serious head injury for two weeks caused by an explosive device? No, neither has anyone else, much.........................
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