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  1. Even if everything was open in Chiang Mai, it would still be crushingly boring.
  2. Maybe I'm not so self-regarding that I need to. They should know themselves.
  3. In which case, due to continual repetition, it's lost it's appeal. Like 'brown envelopes.' Or as we Brits term it 'flogged to death.'
  4. Ah. It was the quarantine/in prison thing that threw me. Histrionics, see? 20 in a covid infected cell v a five star hotel room on your own. No comparison. Thanks for taking the time to explain.
  5. Nobody is 'infuriated.' Reconciled, disappointed, yes, but few get 'infuriated' about something that'll happen sooner or later.
  6. Yeah, but you can't believe anything that comes out of China, remember? Unless it suits the job at hand.
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