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  1. General question for the great unwashed ( me included, no discrimination here ) would a new/ different/ more democratic government get rid of the all invasive Computer Crimes Act ?? Discuss
  2. So, no thoughts of closing this debacle then ?................................I thought not.
  3. Got less than half way down page 2, gawd, I never realised there so many Looney's out there.
  4. That is pretty disgusting, I hope the old guy presses charges. Surely there must be CCTV of the licence plate, and plenty of other video to screw the coward driver to the wall.
  5. 5555, the twat is on radio 2 at the moment standing in for Jo Whiley, roll on Monday night, God he's so freaking boring & playing some of the shite est music I've ever heard.
  6. A bit extreme, more than one ? I don't think so. They have one ( the suspect ) on CCTV, I suppose the other one lives in the forest.
  7. To be fair, the Sriracha option only became available late last week, I have been fortunate in as much as I have an appointment for next week, I have been registered with about 5 different apps/sites before finally being called forward.
  8. That's a good old British surname right there, a bit like Smith, Jones, Brown, I thought I recognised it, :) ?
  9. Sorry but that is totally wrong, how do the people of Phuket have the most to gain & the most to lose ? How about Pattaya or Chang Mai or all the other destinations in Thailand ? Even vaccinated people can catch and pass on this covid krap, I presume, wrongly or rightly that you live on/in Phuket and would benefit from a fast roll out of vaccine, I have no idea where you get your info from but it is seriously flawed.
  10. This really is a tragicomedy, these clowns have absolutely no idea what to do, all they want is tourist £££.
  11. Bugger my birthday is in September, I was rather hoping to treat the Mrs to a deluxe meal out, with wine of course, bugger, bugger, bugger, come on Covid Csar sort the freaking thing out. Stupid me, just all he can do is offer pathetic platitudes and do SFA. Now I am peed off.
  12. If I remember correctly the word is vanities, and you used to put your hands behind your back with fingers crossed. Meaning of vainites from wikipedia - gesture to the use of a truce term in Scotland. Fainites and fains (or vainites and vains) predominated in London and throughout southern England, apart...
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