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  1. 1....nobody was circumventing the system, it was outside the system. 2...if it was equitable how come so few have had the opportunity to be double jabbed.
  2. I am in full agreement with stonker here, we must know more about this word "Tooieland". It is a new one to me, so is it purely a local expression or even a family one.? Come on riclag ask the ladies please.
  3. So "Pattaya prepares for reopening" translates to "rolling out the vaccines", well it's something.
  4. How many came in 2019.? Unlikely to be more. Is Visa on Arrival back on again or will they need to be applying for tourist visas.?
  5. I have lived in Bangkok, Pattaya and up in the Nakhon and never seen a shirtless farang drinking anywhere. A nasty, inaccurate generalisation. Please name a few, or even one, of these seedy bars where you have seen shirtless drinkers. You do very rarely see shirtless people about and in my experience they are most likely to be Russians. "Depressed alcoholics", "shirtless", "seedy bars", every tired worn out cliche in the book. Where exactly have you ever been.? Clacton.?
  6. They did, did they.? Well this needs sorting out PDQ, look I am not without influence around here so name some names and we'll get started.
  7. Sorry I wasn't clear enough, he was insisting that Phuket was at least 70% double vaxxed by 1st July. I can't quote a source but the impression I got from the media was that at best the figure was 70% with one jab.
  8. So you don't see 140,00 as being unrealistic at all. As you say with so many informal residents it is near impossible to give an accurate figure, I was beginning to wonder if I'd imagined the 140,000, thanks for your reply.
  9. Your experience is different to mine EdwardV, I mainly see Russians buying beer from 7Eleven and drinking in the Soi. Indians are mainly moochers who look as though it would kill them to spend two bob.
  10. Spoke to somebody who did the Sandbox in the second half of July and insisted that everywhere Thais were proudly showing their full vax proof. Thus there were at least 70% up to scratch.My understanding is that as of the 1st July the majority were only single vaxxed although there has been much improvement since then. Anybody had similar or different experience.
  11. A touch of frustration creeping in. Can't help as I never drink at home so do not buy from retailers.
  12. I would disagree that Tiger Light at 4.1% is low in alcohol, lower certainly but not exactly low. Now in the UK Sam Smith's Mild - if they still do it - at 2.8% is definitely low. Low price as well, I used to pay 1.85 a pint admittedly 9 years ago. Strangely MyBeer or Singha Light whichever, gives me much less of a hangover with 4.5%
  13. A while back a local media article quoted 140,000 people as having left Pattaya. At the time this seemed a very high figure to me and I have seen nothing since. Anybody know what the current figure is deemed to be.?
  14. I did not see him for one second blaming the dead lady, just regretting her situation. Bad enough to think you are dying, but to know you will be leaving your two daughters, 7 and 9, to go into an orphanage - I just don't have the words for that. Rest easy lady you must be in many people's thoughts.
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