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  1. Have you filed a complaint with the OCPB? They’re likely to have more sway than a Facebook group
  2. Yes, sorry, I must have been having a bit of a hot flush when I made the post. To recap, I have never owned an MG Metro ?
  3. I guess the Chinese ability to copy & replicate things isn’t doing them any favours here. Funnily enough you mention a wooden dashboard fire, I had a brand new Mini ( I know, I know, glutton for punishment) & decided to have a walnut dash fitted & one of those central Peco exhausts. The main dealer did the work & when I’d driven about 5 miles away smoke came billowing out of the vents. I took it straight back & was told not to worry, it happens ??
  4. I have to confess to owning 3 (yes 3 ?) MG Metros back in the day. One could say I was a bit slow on the uptake in terms of trustworthiness & reliability
  5. Is there such a thing? The little people just accept being trampled on. Have you registered a complaint with the Office of Consumer Protection Board? They walk you through the process I’ve just had a satisfactory outcome to defective motorcycle complaint (although admittedly not as problematical as yours) https://www.ocpb.go.th
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