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  1. If one of the top ranked hospitals in the world globally is considered in shambles to you, there's no hospital in the world that could satisfy your quality standards
  2. Toronto General hospital is one of the top ranked hospitals globally in the world which is where this was at The point was the people affected by covid arent just the people dying from the virus
  3. Had some really good deals pop up ever since I moved to central bangkok figured I’d make a thread to share incase some people were wondering what you can get in Bangkok for the price these days saw a deal at central eatery chidlom today 270 baht delivered for 2 orders of their salmon teriyaki cauliflower rice bowl and 2 orders of their grilled chicken @ chickpea rice bowl pretty healthy as well
  4. Yea, that was another huge issue, Canada had a short stint with the first wave where cancer patients were getting their surgeries postponed to make room for covid patients. I can't imagine the feeling of having cancer and then knowing you have your surgery delayed. A kid in a bed next to me had bladder cancer, his surgery was delayed and instead of being able to save his bladder they had to remove it completely. He was told he has to use a bag hooked up to his insides the rest of his life to pee, was heart wrenching to hear. They didn't know they had to remove the whole bladder until they were mid-surgery, so he woke up completely surprised this had happened.
  5. You might have left a while ago because this is a lot of the population now. Most of the “mindless sheep” are those who don’t rely on the government to support them. Which is completely fine if one does, but calling people "mindless sheep" because they choose not to, is pretty much a majority of Canada now. It's hard to spend the days protesting when you have a job
  6. I know 0 people whos parents died from pneumonia, although I know people who have gotten pneumonia, including my parents and myself. Meanwhile covid has been around for 2 years and I know a few friend's parents who've died from it and also people who have gotten Covid. At this point you're just twisting your argument from the actual issue which is covid, to what does the word "pandemic" really mean. But if people I know are getting it and friends parent's are dying, that's good enough for me to take it seriously. Imagine if your grandparents could have been alive today if there were better measures that prevented them from getting pneumonia because that's exactly what the world is trying to prevent with covid.
  7. Im calling BS, I have friends whos parents/grandparents died from Covid I've been in the hospital plenty of times the past year and every time the surgeons/doctors/nurses have all said how serious the pandemic was. They actually get pretty upset/pissed off if you even mention anything about covid not being serious, so I am surprised you're working the front lines.
  8. kind of glad i didn't rent a condo in the asoke area now, passed by this today and traffic was terrible
  9. at least you know the vaccine is working in this case, when you get no sides from the vaccine, it's probably because your immune system hasn't responded to it
  10. and...this is one of the reasons I decided to leave canada, believe it or not this is actually quite mild in terms of the stupidity i've seen there
  11. that freaking sucks, but at least on the bright side it could have been worse I've given up motorcycles/motorbikes/bikes on main roads, too dangerous for me. Not much suspension in Canadian ambulances either, pro tip, ask them for IV hydromorphone/dilaudid once you get in the ambulance, helps a lot
  12. surprisingly prevention is an issue in Canada too, I'm sure maybe more significant in Thailand than Canada, but there really isn't a test to detect cancer, you usually find it by accident. I was looking into cancer diagnostics and asked my doctor about it, said there's no real way to test for cancer, all you can do is imaging but they wouldn't order imaging for you in Canada just to check your whole body for cancer every year. Typically over a certain age you get PSA test added to your bloodwork for prostate cancer detection and are recommended to do a colonoscopy after a certain age for colon cancer I was just surprised how almost everyone I knew here has had a family member who has passed from cancer or currently has it. They're mostly from bangkok/chon buri/nonthaburi
  13. Over the years I’ve read about the issue with excessive omega 6 fatty acid being an issue with old age disease/ decreasing lifespan / being unhealthy, a lot of people blame processed vegetable oils to be one of the reasons for increased omega 6 fatty acid intake. I noticed lots of longevity/anti aging scientists/doctors talk about a recent study showing increased omega 3 fatty acid intake to increase lifespan. here’s the study a lot of people are mentioning https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2021/07/210722113004.htm anyone take supplemental omega 3 fatty acid? I’ve been taking high concentration epa/dha omega 3 supplements for a while now, Kirkland brand. They seem to be reputable with quality control, ie no issues with heavy metal contamination (mercury) or rancid oils.
  14. Any news on gyms reopening? Someone posted on Facebook that some government said they were allowing them to reopen but it’s in Thai so the translation might be off
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