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  1. Yes, it's quite a lovely movie, gives us an insight as to what life must have been like then. Makes me think of my Gran, she lost her husband who was on a Submarine, & Uncle Steve who I never knew, & died sometime during WW2.
  2. Have you eaten Salmon Trout? It has a gorgeous orange colour, & a much better taste, imo.
  3. What in the hell did they do?
  4. Plenty more on YouTube. Even if you were 20 years younger, I still think that rehab exercises would be needed.
  5. A guess, 3 months before you can be as you were. Are you doing any other back strengthening exercises, or tendon stretching?
  6. Same me.... Five minutes of that stuff & I'm in the land of nod.
  7. The EU is getting ready too. https://www.devex.com/news/devex-checkup-how-the-eu-is-preparing-for-the-next-pandemic-101595 Strange isn't, that so many people can't, or don't want to connect the dots? When I see the little children wearing masks, being brought up to "do what the doctor says", it makes me a bit sad.
  8. @thai3has a great taste in Thai music, & naturally so does @Yinn
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