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  1. "Developing Nation" bollocks, travel to most of Africa ( I lived in 2 African countries and trust me they are not developing, perhaps the top 1% of the countries elite but not the mass population) and parts of South East Asia and call that Developing? Call it for what is, a 3rd world country
  2. When ever I go and collect rubbish on the beach I always look at the labels of where it came from, when on the Andaman coast its 90% of the time from Indonesia. They have a REAL problem with plastic and dumping in the sea. Too bad the currents bring it right to the Thai coastline. What I noticed of the Thais is that they will get a bit of takeaway food that is in a plastic bag, that will be put in a bigger plastic bag, with the other food items in plastic bags, and a water bottle of plastic and can't forget that essential plastic straw for 2 minutes of glorious use that just happens to be wrapped in, wait for it plastic wrapping. And guess where it all ends up?
  3. Doner kebab is fine when you are on your way home at 02:00 in Berlin pissed drunk, but in Turkey the mother of kebabs I will stick with the real thing, like Adana Kebab!
  4. Thanks James, seems not really worth it. These bloody rules are ridiculous, why should it matter if you stopover to not for 21 days? But I won't need a PCR test to get to Turkey, just my vaccine certificate
  5. Hello all, I was wondering if anyone had experience or knows if I can do a stopover in Istanbul on my way to the Phuket Sandbox? I will fly from Montreal to Phuket via Turkish Airlines and would like to stop for a week to visit friends. According the the wording it makes it sound like I need to be in Istanbul for 3 weeks before traveling to Phuket? Or is that 3 week requirement starting from where I originate my trip in Canada? Thanks for your help.
  6. That’s Russia for you. A country where human life and dignity mean nothing, they persecute totally innocent and peaceful people within their borders. Imagine what they will do externally? To them its about money, and building their alliance with other similar minded countries: China, North Korea, Belarus, Iran, Venezuela. Welcome to the fold officially Myanmar.
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