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  1. Nudity is a problem mainly for religious and particularly for Muslims. Trying to have a global culture greatly reduces freedom. Freedom becomes the least common of different cultures. Emencipating oneself is, however, freedom.
  2. 70% is insufficient or all people over 50 and younger people who are vulnerable to COVID. 30% of unvaccinated is enough to clog hospitals quickly.
  3. Was the $ 100,000 insurance used by a vaccinated tourist from the sandbox?
  4. who has the statistics on the sandbox tests? if 96% of the positive tests are on the test on arrival, that's good. On the other hand it is also necessary to look at the reliable countries for the tests before the departure. in the positives there may be countries where the tests are less reliable. I just had my 3rd injection, it is not planned in the COE...
  5. There were few positive people in the sandbox. PCR tests 72 hours before departure are quite reliable in the countries of origin. It would be interesting to know these countries. Opening up to these countries is smart. If 100,000 PCR tests per day are not possible in Thailand how can the epidemic figures be reliable. This is a really worrying point for tourists !!!
  6. it is a treatment for frail people, it is $700 for an efficiency that reduces mortality by 50% ... The vaccine is $20 and it reduces mortality by 95% ... Frail people must all be vaccinated, this treatment is a second chance.
  7. the scenario with the effective R (instead of the R0) is only good for a while. people pay less and less attention to barrier gestures. of course, there are more and more people vaccinated, you suppose that this compensates ... to eradicate smallpox, with your solution, we should not have vaccinated more than 99% ... for measles should- do we stop the vaccination? vaccinating at 1- 1 / R0 allows the clusters to extinguish naturally, in safety ...
  8. R0, also known as the virus's reproduction rate, shows the average number of people a contagious person could infect. This rate applies to, and is calculated from a population that is fully susceptible to infection, that is, that has not yet been vaccinated or immunized against the infectious agent. If nowadays, this kind of situation is more and more rare; R0 remains a key tool in epidemiology for implementing vaccination campaigns and preventing the spread of new emerging viruses.
  9. a 2019 study for the influenza vaccine shows that the intradermal injection, a little deeper than the transdermal, activated both antibodies (such as intramuscular) and cytotoxic cells (such as transdermal). Is that this study has been confirmed by others ?
  10. If that's true, that's great ! and scientific journals are all going to want to publish. Personally I am very skeptical because the sample 242 people is very small. If you have the name of the journal to consult the preprint ...
  11. still no figures per 100,000 inhabitants! how does Phuket compare to Bangkok?
  12. The number is obtained with the following formula: 1 - 1 / R0 R0 of the virus is the basic reproduction number. For the Delta the R0 is between 6 and 7. For R0 a 7 the vaccination rate is 85.71% rounded to 86% is it clearer for you? Wuhan R0 is 3... Vaccination rate 67%
  13. Taxi driver vaccinated, an antigen test every 3 days for the driver and drive open windows. That should be enough. What do you think ?
  14. to really secure in a sanitary way it was necessary to put a test at the entrance. in 7 days so much can happen ... then they will say that they are doing everything for the safety of the island ... The only effective measure with Delta is 86% of the total population vaccinated, migrants included .
  15. Knowing where the virus came from will not affect the search for a cure. They are two very different things from knowledge.
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