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  1. Id like to see an announcement ending compulsory mask wearing once we get to 60% fully vaxxed.
  2. A timely and well thought out initiative by the CCSA here. Giving those of us involved in reputable entrepreneurship a fighting chance by extending trading hours is much welcomed. Lets just keep the risk of transmission as low as possible, which means reopening nightlife needs to be put on the backburner. I understand there are bar owners hurting but with the healthcare system already stretched from covid, the last thing we need is further pressure caused by alcohol related injury and illness.
  3. Well done to the CCSA for taking thoughtful measures that benefit those of us trying to earn a baht here in the LOS. Legitimate businesses and their staff can now service customers until a reasonable hour, thus giving us a fighting chance of surviving this pandemic. Opening Nightlife is still too risky given that decision making is severely impacted by the consumption of alcohol.
  4. Don't need a flood of low quality tourists that only line the pockets of sleazy dive-bars, past-their-prime bargirls and zero-star guesthouses. A lower number of high quality tourists that visit attractions, go to fancy restaurants and buy full-price retail is what's needed. Thats why keeping bars closed for the high season would be the BEST thing for Thailand. For every time a sleazy barfly arrives here and stays at 'Ye ol' Shithole Inn', they discourage high quality tourists from ever coming that would have spent 10x as much at the Grand Royal Plaza Hotel.
  5. And not a moment too soon either. Why are people starving while old boys living on retirement pensions go vaccine shopping. Get high quality foreigners in....and dont encourage the barflys to return by keeping nightlife closed. Good policy that will help transform the tourism industry and repair its damaged reputation. More families spending money at Safari world. More wealthy housewives buying gold and diamonds. And less zero shower drunks stinking up the joint
  6. Should have opened months ago. Its clear for a while now that the spread from vaccinated foreigners is negligible compared to spread domestically in factories and construction camps. At this point if you havent got vaccinated, its your own fault. Especially since oldies are prioritised. Anyone still saying there are shortages are lying. The government is begging people to get them and theyve moved onto school kids. I drove 2 hrs each direction to get mine. Open up already, its well past due.
  7. Time to stop paying attention to covid statistics. Get the vaccine and live your life. Theres enough vaccines for everyone. Covid doesnt even cross my mind anymore.
  8. Theres a middle ground worth aiming for somewhere between billionaire's playground Monaco and the environment catering to fat shirtless drunks parking their butts all day at a sleazy bar on beach road in Thailand.
  9. They would if all the barflys and working girls were replaced with high end restaurants, boutique shopping outlets and cocktail lounges.
  10. The only way this will happen is to encourage people to come that actually have money to spend and flushing out the zero shower farangs which give Thailand a bad reputation. Take your common shirtless barfly on beach road for example. Sure...he spends 600bt on beer and a cup of nuts but the mere sight of his beergut is enough to drive away other respectable tourist with cash to burn.
  11. The message is clear. Prayut doesnt like alcohol. He doesnt like bars. He doesnt want farangs here who drink 14hrs a day. No one does. When he uses the term 'high quality tourist'....it starts with flushing out the barflys. Thats when theyll start coming. Just watch...in 3 years Pattaya will be full of hi-so foreigners who buy gems and designer brands and completely devoid of sleazy bars and the zero shower farang that frequent them.
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