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  1. Any travel restrictions between provinces or lock downs?
  2. Why am I unable to view replies???
  3. And here is my story: My first marriage to a PNG women broke up in a small mining town by the name of Goldsworthy in Western Australia in 1992. My son was only 2 years old. Both went back to PNG to live. As this was not easy for me some work colleagues suggested that I should have a holiday and enjoy myself in Thailand Pattaya. I followed their advice and booked a trip for 2 weeks staying in a guesthouse named Chris Guesthouse in Soi 13 not far from TQ on beach road and Doggy Bar, where there is now a supermarket. I met many good friends from all over the world. Everyone had money, partied hard, American Aircraft Carrier The Enterprise was coming in, Thai people were happy and made good money. I met my first wife in a bar called Beer Bar Bird in Soi 13/3 up the the road from Shamrock. I extended my holidays and helped the owner of the guesthouse I was staying building Jeeps which in them days were available to rent on beach road if any of you may remember. As you do, I fell in love and as it happened she got pregnant. My daughter was born in Si Racha. Unfortunately our relationship was not all that good so we both agreed that I would take care of our daughter in Australia to be continued
  4. …and TQ Happy Hours, only 3 condos on the horizon, Soi Batman, Soi 3 Wilcome In at 2pm, Soi 6, 7, 8. Second Road still a dirt track, Soi Buakhau still a jungle…
  5. Don’t worry. I am now on my third marriage to a Thai. I have no secrets about my past life or what I am doing now. Everyone makes their own bed they sleep in. Both of my previous wifes live happily in Australia because the choose to for what ever reason, maybe only to work and make money to send home to their parents and family here in Thailand. Don’t worry I have been thinking many times to get back my house or part of it as I worked hard to build the place for a few years back in Australia, but why should I? My Ex gave me the choice to go back together to Australia with her, but I choose not to. Getting bored and always being watched by the in-laws I decided to move on and moved to another place in Isaan. Maybe I made a mistake, but I can not turn back time. I am happy with what I have got now or at least I am trying to be happy. As I mentioned earlier I have been coming and living here for many years and be assured that I can tell you a few stories. Funny or sad. I miss the 90s when Pattaya was still Pattaya and often talk with old friends about “The Good Old Days”. No internet , no mobile phones, no Social Media… Please forgive me if I am getting carried away and away from the actual topic.
  6. I am wondering if I can travel by car from Roi Et to Udon Thani and Nong Khai without any restrictions (road blocks)!!!
  7. Sorry, but where do I start. I have been coming to Thailand on and off since 1991, I used to live in Suwannaphum where I went to retire 3 years ago to live in the house I built, but my wife ex wife decided to leave me and went back to Australia to live… There is more to come to my story as I could write a book about my past and current experience in this country…
  8. Farangs living in Isaan. Feel free to share your experience like daily life in a village, marriage etc.
  9. Good morning, Thaiger Would you be able to provide covid map of Thailand, etc red zones, dark red zones, yellow… and if there are any travel restrictions between provinces? Cheers
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