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  1. Another question. Is a new chanote issued when the property changes ownership? Or is it that a new entry is made in the original deed?
  2. How important is the actual paper copy of the chanote? Is it easy to replace if, for example, it was lost in a fire.
  3. There was a video episode from the Thaiger in which it was clarified that while public pools have to be closed, private pools are allowed to open. Private pools includes those in your house (if you are lucky enough to have a house with a pool) AND pools in hotels. Looked online and saw that a 5 star hotel gave opening hours for its pool. Would condo pools be considered private or public?
  4. The covid extension can be done for any visa but bear in mind that it is officially available till September only (though I think it will be extended further, just my opinion).
  5. Did not get two stamps. Just the single stamp. Probably because there was no consideration period. Handed in my passport in the afternoon and received call saying all done in the morning after the next day. Less than 48h!
  6. That's exactly what I wanted to know. Thanks. As I do not foresee any reason to go to the Immigration Office, I guess I should be alright. To be clear 3500B is the service charge. The Immigration Office 1900B is added to that. I did not want to give free advertising and did not mention the name of the agent. It actually is Thai Visa Centre. Perhaps I got a cheaper rate because I was referred by the people through which I booked my ASQ (the elsewhere maligned asq.in.th).
  7. Charge was 3500B. I reasoned that if I did it myself I likely get just the 30 days tourist extension which means I would need another extension costing a further 1900B. 3500 minus 1900 equals 1600B. For that amount the agent was willing to send a messenger to pick up my passport and to return it when done. I actually went to the agent's office as I wanted to be sure it was safe.
  8. The app seems superfluous... I installed it on my backup phone. Registered in the app before leaving London. Subsequently nobody checked whether I had the app. I was never online with that phone for the whole 2 weeks period while in ASQ.
  9. Received a 60 days extension (presumably the covid extension) done by an agent. Does it matter which immigration office issued it?
  10. It has been shown that masks reduce covid infections by 50% (meaning that comparing a group with masks and a control group without masks, the number of infections in the former was halved). Surprisingly, though, surgical masks were just as effective as N95 masks.
  11. Did you get a hard copy of your vaccination status from the NHS. If you have the NHS App it appears there but having it on paper seems safer.
  12. Just been to Rajabhakti Park. All of 3 cars there.
  13. Variants already up to kappa and lambda. Hardly hear about the zeta, eta, theta and iota variants but they are out there. Coming soon, mu and nu...
  14. Nok Air is flying from Phuket to just outside Bangkok. For now. Things change and so GOK what the situation will be so far in the future (as in Aug 16)
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