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  1. No. The Covid19 vaccine was a co-development project. In 2018, Pfizer and BioNTech agreed to co- develop mRNA-based vaccines for prevention of influenza based upon BioNtech's mRNA knowledge/intellectual capital. This relationship was expanded in 2020 to jointly develop BioNTech’s mRNA-based vaccine candidate BNT162 to prevent COVID-19 infection. The companies executed a Material Transfer and Collaboration Agreement. All of this is in public disclosure. Not mentioned is the US, UK, and Canadian research that BioNTech drawed upon to develop its product. That research was publicly and privately funded.
  2. I expect that the sandbox will continue. Loss of face issue. The infections won't be slowed until Thailand can get the vaccines which manage the Delta variant. I believe it more likely for air service to be suspended which will be a defacto suspension of the sandbox.
  3. Really? So what do you think the occurs at the Pfizer facilities in Chesterfield, Kalamazoo and Andover? i don't think they are making frozen pizza.
  4. I appreciate that you are afraid and confused. Covid19 is overwhelming for many people, particularly those who have a limited understanding of the natural sciences or suffer an underlying mental illness. In an effort to simplify the scary circumstances they invent simplistic solutions and make assumptions. This is their coping mechanism, and that's ok. Unfortunately, the make believe often becomes their personal reality and they then believe that what they imagine is true. They sometimes make up the science to fit the scenario they offer and at other times, they read an article, cannot comprehend the subject matter and misinterpret so badly that it comes out as nonsensical. Other times they are suckered by foreign state agencies who plant false information and spread lies through social media. For example, you write; Kind of like how we use "dead" cells from a virus to get our bodies to develop anti-bodies and give us immunity, some bacteria are exposed to minute quantities of antibiotics and develop immunity to them (becoming "super bugs"). No, we do not use "dead" cells from a virus to develop antibodies. Viruses are not cells and viruses are not living organisms. A virus is a package of genetic material that is in a carrying case capable of attaching to a target cell, and of injecting the genetic material into that target, where the target cell reproduces on behalf of the virus. There are many ways to create a vaccine. Some involve inactivating the virus so that it cannot replicate with the capability of causing an infection but enough to induce the creation of immune memory b cells. Others involve swapping out the virus genetic code and others show the virus blueprint to the immune system which then stores the memory of the virus and can then respond quickly when the virus enters the body. If a "superbug" was solely the product of minute quantities of antibiotic, the issue would be manageable. The term superbug is a misnomer. Because bacteria and fungi are so fast at reproducing they have the ability to outlast an antibiotic. They always have. The problem is the overuse of antibiotics or the failure of patients to follow through on a course of treatment. It is not just antibiotics. The failure to properly sterilize medical equipment and instruments will select towards resistant versions of bacteria and fungi. This Covid-19 virus is less than 2 years old and has already developed at least 10 strains and that's before it was exposed to any vaccines. Ok, and what's your point? There are thousands of variants of the virus. Last February, the UK MoH gave an estimate of 4,000. Some are dangerous and others are not. Mutation is part of the life cycle of organisms. If it wasn't, humans would not have evolved over time. If any organism is to survive over time it must adapt to its environment. Anytime a cell or virus replicates, there is potential for a mutation to occur. Replication requires the copying of genetic material and errors occur in the copying. Yes there are groups of viruses which can be identified by a dominant mutation giving rise to a "strain", but again, so what? Examples are the common flu viruses and the SARS CoV virus endemic in some bats. But we can't talk about such things because we are only allowed to write "happy" thoughts so no one goes into a panic. You claim that discussion of the virus and its mutations is suppressed. Sometimes I wish it were as I have had to attend Team and Zoom calls at 5 AM on some days. Perhaps you mean that there is an effort to stop the spreading of lies and and sowing of civil unrest by foreign state powers. Good, I support silencing that. You have imagined that you are being silenced. You can discuss SARS CoV2 all you want, just don't spit out factually incorrect rubbish or repeat the false claims originating from foreign state sabotage units because someone will hold you accountable and in so doing hold you up for the ridicule merited. I suggest you approach the pandemic from a different perspective. Learn more about the physiology of a virus, public health, pharmacology, cell biology, biochemistry and health data management. You don't have to be an expert, but start with some formal education. The more you learn, the more you will understand and the management strategy will become understandable. Best of all you may not be so scared of the science. If you believe that viruses are cells, then identify their ribosomes, mitochondria and other cell characteristics and pickup a Nobel price as a result. If you can show that there is a secret plot to silence the truth, please expose it, but use substantiated evidence and not the claims of morbidly obese chain smokers living in a Florida trailer park who previously claimed that aliens abducted them and administered an anal probe.
  5. It may be best used as mixed use. I agree that with is proximity to the 2 massive shopping outlets, it would be madness to build more retail. The land is better used for high density housing with some specialized commercial and offices. The problem though is access. They will need to open it up to the small sois on the other side of the market. Getting in and out of that place has always been a nightmare. I don't see this as a big loss. The shops all same the same junk, so whether it is available in a shopping mall or in the market, it doesn't change much. I always saw the food stalls as dirty places, but then I never was one for street food.
  6. My great uncle was in Burma in the 1940's. He found them to be very useful in the removal of unwanted Japanese visitors. I shall be very surprised if the border is secured. Thailand has been unable to close it to drug traffickers and other vile filth over the years. I expect that some rogues will see this as an opportunity to shakedown desperate folk.
  7. Rather than ridicule the "girl". I have respect for her. She is trying to be a good person. Certainly better than being a self centered slob. The comments about the clothing, energy use, cold showers etc. are not fair, nor reasonable. There are ethical and sustainable production methods now. In her great grand parents day, they used coal or wood for heat, whale oil, paraffin or gas for lighting. Let her plug into some solar panels then. Even lithium can be mined ethically and with minimal environmental damage. Yours is an all or nothing position, which is just as extreme as the position of the Extinction Now nutters. The reasonable approach for this is moderation and responsible behavior. She should start with not purchasing anything sourced from China or Russia and then India. China not only pushes out its toxic heavy pollution but it promotes the building of dirty coal fired energy plants around the world. Russia is notorious for its leaking oil pipelines which have devastated its northern regions and promote fossil fuel use. India is another heavy polluter. Let her boycott Indonesian and Thai products since they are two of the worlds worst offenders for intentional burning of vegetation. And then there is Brazil which continues to destroy the Amazon. If she starts there,it will more than offset the use of a warm shower heated by sustainable renewable energy or the wearing of a synthetic yarn coat.
  8. Suppress? No. Not likely. Have a look at the idiots who are causing the problems. Small minority who have exploited every loophole to pursue their own personal interests. Sydney would not be in the position it is in if this group just controlled itself for a few weeks. I expect that the military will be taking some of the non interactive workload away from the police. But understood that the military is not trained for civilian type duties and it should only be an short term temporary measure to give the cops some breathing room. Australia is doing well for a country denied access to vaccines because of the EU and US stranglehold on production. Now it has access to both the Astra Zeneca vaccine and Pfizer vaccine and if the virtue signalers don't interfere, should have access to some of the surplus in Canada and the USA. Give Australia a couple months and they will turn this around. Covid19 wasn't politicized so the rollout should be relatively fast like it was in the UK and Canada.
  9. I suggest you have a good look at Thailand's tourism demographic. TATs darlings were the Chinese and they were typically middle aged or older. No one is coming from China. The sweet spot are the retirees from nordic countries. They are pure profit and they are not coming back this year. The German experience is not comparable because; Germany experienced the original variant which was less contagious and less lethal than the deadly Delta variant. Germany had a well capitalized, staffed modern health network. No one was left to die as occurred in Italy, the USA or Canada. Germany managed well with its medicine supply. Thailand doesn't have the health care capability. If hundreds of patients need critical care, the system will collapse because there are not enough physicians or support staff. Thailand's patients rely on their families to take care of them when they go to hospital. It cannot be done with Covid19 patients.
  10. Not likely. If she did, she would have been the first documented case in the world to have a recovery through the use of a parasite treatment . I bet igt got rid of her ringworm though. Perhaps your friend recovered because of the other treatment provided. or maybe, someone else used a magic spell. Are you sure no one sent USD$100 to the Kenneth Copeland Ministries? He made Covid19 go away when he blew it away. This was documented and it is on youtube.
  11. Passengers should file a class action civil suit against the selfish prat. He should take responsibility for the damage he caused. Says alot about the airport security. If a special olympics chap could get up on the plane, then it is quite obvious that a more violent person(s) could do worse.
  12. I was thinking similar. At least in Carry On, no one was seriously injured. In Thailand, the Grim Reaper plays for keeps.
  13. You are ever the optimist. I bet you have hopes of charming the liquor shop sales girls downstairs at Bluport :)
  14. Good for you that you would not put your children in an orphanage. However, circumstances change and "even in death" you won't be around to see otherwise unless you have a proper will and designated guardians. Don't be so quick to judge the dead woman for the girls going to an orphanage. She was poor and most likely had no other options. Yes, people who flout the social distancing rules and who refuse to wear masks are idiots. The small pushy minority who do this are not specific to Thailand, but are found everywhere. Yes, it is inconsiderate and selfish. It is easy to blame "Thai bosses" for the situation. That makes it nice and simple. Blame someone and escape social responsibility. Poverty and the fate of Thailand's poor won't be solved by "blaming". It's about living wages, affordable housing and access to opportunity. This is a responsibility all of society shares. It's so nice that you care. All of a sudden you are moved that there are 2 orphaned girls. There are tens of thousands of orphaned and disadvantaged children in Thailand. Why wait for this opportunity to signal your virtue. There is an orphanage or special needs care home in most every region. Donate or volunteer there.
  15. This is the reality for Thailand's have nots. Different continent you say? Well, it does remind me of the situation in the UK where thousands of idiots do similar, or many states in the USA where selfishness rules. And then we have the mass idiots of France protesting. Honestly, I wish it was these idiots who suffered from Covid and not those who try to do the right thing.
  16. Moderna had selected the well reputed Swiss based Kühne+Nagel pharma logistics firm to distribute worldwide. K&N has extensive distribution channels and a large operation in Thailand. K&N will use Hong Kong- China based Zuellig for certain countries in Asia. I won't comment further on the subject.
  17. If the intent was to reassure the public and to build confidence, the gentleman has failed. The information as provided is truthful, but it is neither helpful nor presented in the appropriate context. Because the public is aware that the Chinese vaccine is significantly less effective than the new mRNA based vaccines and that the Astra Zeneca vaccine will not provide full protection, the public will not listen. Instead, they will reject the information and many will hesitate to take the vaccine(s). The lack of clarity and the inability to deliver a transparent and honest message is what undermines the vaccine effort. It's not a failing exclusive of Thailand, but is seen all over the world. Governments are so afraid of being honest about the vaccines and their limitations that they offer doublespeak and babble.
  18. How times have changed. When I was in Patong, it was Suthep's yellow shirt mob who held sway. Seizing the airport, sweeping all opposed to a coup out of the way and engaging in strong arm tactics. Anyone who objected was assumed to be a "redshirt". Foreigners who sympathized were called communists. The protesters are not the old redshirt north eastern migrant workers, but are the children of locals, locals who had probably turned out in 2004 to support the yellow shirts. Now that the locals have experienced some the insecurity and hardship, they are less willing to support the military rule. IMO, it is a waste of their time to protest like this, Instead, they should go home and hold their parents and older relatives who supported the original coup, responsible. Remind them every day that what is happening now is their responsibility. Tell their parents and elders to go and fix the mess they supported, encouraged, allowed.
  19. Such nonsense. Indigenous medical students follow the same curriculum as "pale skin" people. They also follow the same curriculum of the not pale people, Apaprently you see Asian and African origin unworthy of consideration as medical students. And no, none of the graduates is required to take the oath because it is not part of their curriculum. Name one of the 12 medical schools in Australia and New Zealand where medical school graduates take this oath. Nor is the oath is taken by graduates of US or Medical schools. Some graduates may choose to take a version written by Dr. Lasagna from 1964, when he was the Dean of Tufts Medical School in the USA, but these tend to be social and private events and the oath is quickly forgotten. Save the condescending claptrap on genuine physicians recognizing the oath the world over as you obviously know nothing. There is no Hippocratic oath in much of the world. The billions of people of China, India, Indonesia, Pakistan and Bangladesh have no desire, nor urge to follow the nonsensical writings of a long dead Greek. These people rejected western moral codes long ago. China engages in unethical and diabolical "medical research" and has no concern for the humane treatment of lab animals and yet you expect people with common sense to believe that they follow a Hippocratic oath. Yea, right.
  20. Rubbish. Sinovac has distributed about 300 million doses globally. That's about 150 million vaccinated patients (ignoring the expected 10% waste). If we use 10%, that's 15 million people. Yes, better than nothing when it was partially effective against the original variant. now it is somewhat useless.
  21. No problem that you know of because China is not transparent in its reporting. Also, China has closed its borders to travel. You cannot enter without testing and quarantine. The delta variant is not running wild in China because the restrictions have kept it out.
  22. Summer of 2022 should see a decrease in cases, but it will require mass vaccination and travel restrictions and screening to get Covid to a manageable infectious disease. I doubt that will happen as long as countries like the USA, Russia, Pakistan, Philippines etc. have large numbers of people who refuse to be vaccinated. Thailand will see some bad times ahead and unless the mRNA and updated Astra Zeneca vaccines arrive by October, there will be no high season. I expect that we will soon start to see a hundreds of daily deaths and tens of thousands of daily infections. Rainy season will drive people indoors and that's when the infection will really spread. It's going to be tough for the next 6 months.
  23. You go first. I do not want to see young Thais slaughtered in the streets, because we will have a repeat of the Thammasat massacre if your demand occurs. Thailand has seen enough violence and destruction.
  24. What? The military personnel who would receive the vaccine are not on the front line. Do you really believe on of the tens of thousands of ranking officers who would receive the vaccine provides any measure of care or assistance to the infected? Why would their families have priority over health care workers or even service trade workers most at risk? It is an issue because it is unethical. In case you missed it, in much of the developed world, political leaders waited their turn in line for the vaccine. We saw this in the EU, UK, Israel and Canada. Senior military leadership waited in line too. These countries left the designation of priority to the health experts and that is why the 80+ age group was vaccinated first along with critical care workers. First responders in these countries were typically vaccinated around the time 65+ year olds were.
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