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  1. Absolutely, the gathering was short of 200,000 people by 3 so it's not a crowd, just a gathering. I cannot fathom a guess of why Anutin remains the health minister. He must be holding some dirt as he is clearly incompetent.
  2. QUESTION: I recently saw a Thai video where a monk in a neighboring province to Bangkok is the undertaker. They are providing crematory services for those passing with COVID. The monk was somewhat critical of other wats with crematories saying they collected support money in the good times and, now that bad times are here, they should be servicing those same families experiencing the death of a love one due to COVID. I would very much like to receive a list of wats throughout the country providing crematory services to COVID victims. I would like to donate to them and I want to personally visit them on our next visit to the Kingdom. Can the Thaiger provide a listing of wats throughout the country (as much as possible) providing crematory services?
  3. I hope all goes well for Koh Samui. The online guest from the island was excellent…energetic, knowledgeable, focused. Don’t know why a government contingent from Bangkok is attending. I guess Bangkok is only a red zone for most, not all. We didn’t watch any further as we are not Able fans. She adds confusion over clarity.
  4. Stephanie's situation is one my wife and I discussed about returning to Thailand. Testing negative twice means nothing to the Thai officials. If she tests negative for a third time, I think Stephanie transitions from a guest to a hostage. Germany is a very understanding country today but I would not test their patience. To detain a guest in an ALQ who is negative but allow the person to board an airplane and expose luggage handlers, airport staff, flight attendants, flight crew, the remainder of his family and then even more people after landing is unfathomable. I tip my hat to Stephanie who has taken this in stride...much better than I would have. Come on Consult and Embassy officials for Germany. Please, please pressure the Thai government to do the right thing behind closed doors.
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