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  1. I knew it was this crackpot of a doctor even before I seen his photo or read the name, just from the headline. He's a real nutcase.
  2. When this guy speaks the only thing that comes out of his mouth is
  3. "not taking funds away from Covid-19 assistance or relief." Hard to take funds away from an assistance program when such a program doesn't exist.
  4. Why is this Jack Arthur and the people who write the healines still employed by the Thaiger. Every one of their writings and headlines are trash.
  5. Jack Arthur either needs to get off the liquor or be fired. The predominant variant in Thailand is in fact Delta. Not one single case of Lambda has been reported in Thailand thus far.
  6. Politicians are getting filthy rich during the pandemic with all these bulk purchases of garbage.
  7. 23,672 people were released from hospital care. Your headline is wrong.
  8. China is ridiculous and their population is ridiculous for putting up with the bs.
  9. "The assumption was the influencers wouldn’t do any of their own homework, but 2 did. It’s really a warning – be careful when someone is trying […]" 2 people actually had to actually do homework to show that the Astra Zenecca vaccine doesn't turn people into chimpanzees.
  10. "Those whose appointments were cancelled because of that vaccine shortage in Bangkok will be rescheduled and received the AstraZeneca vaccine at a later date." Who writes this trash? Using the Future tense with a past tense verb is so 5th grade.
  11. Come to Thailand in an airplane. Leave in a bodybag.
  12. We are already almost finished with the 3rd quarter of this year. Who in the hell writes this crap?
  13. If you dumb enough to pay 100,000 for a 1 year gym membership than you deserve to lose your fees.
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