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  1. Phuket will always be a popular destination for 2 groups, illegal migrants and tourists! “Looking back at the Phuket Sandbox or Samui Plus campaign, foreign tourists did not cause clusters of infections to emerge during each promotional period. The real problem was unregulated travel by locals and illegal migrant workers”. https://www.bangkokpost.com/opinion/opinion/2202783/corruption-jeopardises-reopening-plan The illegal migrant problem in Thailand and especially in Phuket is a very big concern for the spread ! Thai officials and the TAT aren’t telling the whole story!
  2. If you don’t follow the advice of others at least try to take care of number one! Respect my choice it ain’t yours! D plus and many more variants to come !Its a complexity as cancer has been in curing !
  3. The mvax is like a dirty word to this Govt! They certainly are distancing themselves from letting all getting vax to it .
  4. Me thinks his handlers want to resume where Barry left off! What a mess! Back in 2020,while campaigning for Senator as he said ,he was blessed by the left media as a experienced foreign policy expert ! Some of his achievements thus far Over 1 million illegal immigrants flooding the USA,Afghan fiasco, and many more international blunder imop! what other predicaments can his incogitative administration present my country https://www.cfr.org/backgrounder/what-trans-pacific-partnership-tpp
  5. Just when people thought we’ve heard it all , now this, hey Bob! Somebody ought to write a book about the Govt response to everything during their covid crisis ! Best seller for sure
  6. Gin phit dai mai ? Gin nit noi Kharp I eat spicy 🌶 ! But as I grow older my acid reflux interferes in my food choice! I loved to eat (sticky rice)kao niaow with nam phit( spicy sauce) Take a big wad of sticky rice from those weaved baskets and start dunckin in the sauce ! Aloi maak maak
  7. Spot on ! And may I add , more hoops ,if you test positive in the process while in country
  8. That’s a good indication that the outside world has very little confidence over the recent news that the Thai Govt has moved to open up .
  9. If the dam has a leak, plug it ,by all means! Months ago ,migrant workers were responsible for the Bangkok and Phuket covid spread
  10. Starting in January 2022 there will be a 5.9 % COLA in benefits for American‘s. While Living in Thailand it means a little over 4K bht p/m extra in my pocket !It is the largest COLA increase in 40 years. I know there are many cons to the increase especially living in the states with what “appears “ to be a very significant rise in inflation but for me in Thailand,every little bit helps https://www.fool.com/retirement/2021/10/16/social-securitys-59-raise-isnt-all-good-news/
  11. I believe in taking care of what I can control ,that is myself and hopefully family members ! Clean up,Mask up ,vax up! Since delta brought the world to a new and different level of contagion were the vaccinated can catch and spread the poison ,fear and restrictions have also been brought to extremes. By demanding the world be entirely vaccinated ,we would beat this ,will never happen ! Imop Fact,to many variables ! It’s a complex virus!
  12. Lincoln sat around the fire at night in his 1 room log cabin while his mother complained vigorously to get off his cell phone and make more advances on his studies! Here lies the problem
  13. No doubt they will promote the success of this rules ,after a week of its implementation!
  14. Gotcha !Insanity ,doing the same thing over and over again ,expecting different results! The Chinese crisis has brought out some common human characteristics ,such as negative thinking and irrational behavior! imop! No sarcasm intended.
  15. Agree ,to defend but I think if push came to shove ,sloppy Joe would push for diplomacy and sanctions ! Military action is a last resort and it would be devastating politically for the dems who support him especially in the up incoming 2022 primary
  16. Deliberately holding up! Zero percent effort to expedite this Mvax! I wish certain individuals in this country had stocks in the M company! To bad!
  17. All of those Cons you mentioned are very concerning and worthy of a stressful holiday ! No sarcasm! What will Thai officials do with travelers if covid shows up on a test and what about your travel companion,if they come up positive,both individuals will be affected .
  18. My wife, “ for sure ,this year ,not go holiday “ . Na!
  19. I was gonna say he does have a long history of being a off the wall wacko .Between anger management classes , fits of rage and assaults… It needs a full inquiry .
  20. Much of Biden’s problems was of his on doing ! Biden admin showed Americas allies his weakness in dealing with intelligence and military strategies just recently. And when confronted with sharp questions , he walks away. Some in allied countries see him as feeble minded imop! If best they condemned his handling of his last foreign policy actions And his trusting the CCP leader to do the right thing by adhering to a past agreement on Taiwan is another phenomenon akin to his trusting the Taliban to do the right thing His admin was threatened 6 months ago by the CCP but did nothing in response ! 6 months and nothing until now! God help us !
  21. There is a saying when it comes to generating new revenue ”Never let a crisis go to waste”
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