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  1. Obviously you not only don't know anything about firearms and ammunition, you can't even recall your own post. And I quote It is possible for a gun barrel to have an obstruction. It is not possible that whatever obstruction there is to be exiting as a projectile. An obstruction inside a barrel will raise the chamber pressure to the point where the barrel and perhaps the chamber of the firearm is burst. A blank cartridge is exactly the same as a live round except instead of a "bullet" there is wadding typically paper or plastic. That is expelled through the barrel when the gun is discharged. It does not as you suggest "lodge" inside the barrel. IMPOSSIBLE. Any object lodged inside a barrel would in all likelihood cause the firearm to burst at the time it was lodged inside the barrel given it would raise chamber pressure beyond the tolerance of the firearm. Unless the person was extremely close to the other person the paper or plastic wadding can not injure anyone as it quickly loses velocity and falls to the ground. In all likelihood a firearm that injures or kills someone is loaded with live ammunition that has a "bullet" as part of the cartridge.
  2. It is obvious you know nothing about firearms. I am a former target shooter and reloaded my own ammunition. A blank round has no head to it. It is strictly the brass cartridge, with a primer, gunpowder, and some wadding to secure the gunpowder into the cartridge base. If as you say there was a "bullet part" inside the barrel that means two things. First there would have been a real cartridge rather than a blank cartridge used in the gun just prior to Mr. Baldwin using it. Not likely. Second and more importantly any item lodged inside the barrel would cause the barrel of the gun to split because of the excess pressure. See attached photo.
  3. Honestly, what are the odds that a foreigner who has been fully inoculated has Covid. The vaccines such as Pfizer are reportedly 96% effective in preventing contracting Covid. So you have only 4% of the tourists who can even contract the disease. Then what are the odds that of that 4% that they happen to contract Covid just before flying to Thailand. Next to Zero. That 4% who potentially could catch Covid is far far far more likely to contact Covid from an unvaccinated Thai than the Thai from the foreigner. If you want tourists you make it easy and convenient to travel to your country. If you don't want them you put up hoops for them to jump through. One thing is for sure, if their intent is to try and encourage families traveling rather than single men, the burden of the multiple tests, and insurance will be such a high percentage of the cost of the vacation that they will be the one group who will not come.
  4. Now why would they do that when the Thai government is reporting that foreigners will flood into Thailand starting November 1 because all they have to endure is spending over 3,000 baht to be tested before departing, be fully immunized, get a Thailand pass, spend aother 3,000 baht or more for a second test upon arrival, then spend a luxurious night in quarantine before being able to enjoy all the tourist attractions and bars that are closed.
  5. Bad roads may contribute to motorcycle accidents and fatalities, however it is the driving behavior of the motorcycle riders that is the primary cause. They weave in and out of traffic as if everyone can see them and avoid them. They pass on both the right and left side at high speed. I have seen on Sukhumvit several times where a motorcycle in the far left lane gets to a traffic light and crosses in front of 4 lanes of traffic to their right to make a turn. And lets not forget that a significant portion of the motorcycle riders do not wear a helmet.
  6. There appears to be some confusion over exactly what type of ammunition was in the gun. The report are that is was "live" ammunition. Well a blank cartridge is still live ammunition it just means there is no lead bullet. It is possible for a blank cartridge fired at close enough range to kill someone. The bullet still has some wadding that holds the gunpowder into place that will be discharged from the gun barrel when fired. Also the concussion force from the bullet if close enough can be deadly. However I find it strange that two people were injured with one of them fatally. That would seem to indicate that the cartridges in the gun were not only live but real cartridges with bullets. One way or another, the first rule of any gun is to treat it as if it is loaded, inspect the chamber, and most importantly never point any gun at anything you don't intend to shoot even as a prank.
  7. I still have not heard what Thailand thinks the end game is. Lets assume that somehow Thailand got to zero cases of Covid. Then What? As soon as the country permits entry either by land, sea, or air into the country the cycle of infection starts again. Consider, covid started because 1 single person got infected and it passed to millions around the world. The sooner Thailand recognizes that it needs to learn to coexist with covid rather than try to isolate itself the better. I live here in Thailand and don't want to leave and return because of the hassle and expense. Do they really think that true tourists who wish to vacation in Thailand for one or two weeks will. Certainly some, but it will be a small fraction of the former tourist traffic and not enough to keep the tourist dependent businesses open. The more of them that go bankrupt and close, the less reason foreign tourists have to choose Thailand to visit.
  8. First off I really don't know how this can be a problem. When I go to the hospital they won't treat me without insurance or without payment up front. Usually both. Now this is from the Thai government. It says that there was 448 million baht in unpaid medical expenses. and 38 million visitors. That amounts to 11.79 baht per visitor. So charge each visitor 100 baht that would raise 3.8 billion baht. More than 8.5 times the amount necessary to cover any unpaid bills. No tourist will squawk over 100 baht. But the hassle to obtain a 50,000 USD medical insurance policy will be way way more than 100 baht and the paperwork to obtain it enough to drive some tourists away. This is strictly a scheme by the insurance companies to use the government to force tourists to pay inflated insurance fees for coverage they will for the most part never use.
  9. Ok but what do they do regarding visitors from places like Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Burma, or Malaysia who come via car or truckers bringing products? What about the cruises that stop at Laem Chabang or Phuket. Are those closed now for good? What if I am a U.S. citizen but have traveled to another country such as Russian or South Africa recently. This entire idea is ludicrous. If a person has had two recognized Covid shots and a vaccine passport that is all that should be required. Somehow this notion that Covid is being spread via vaccinated foreigners is ridiculous. Further the testing before departure, upon arrival, and again before departure is so onerous that unless you are planning on staying in Thailand for a longer period you just wont come. The government says it wants to move away from single men coming to Thailand for the bars and night life. Do they really think that the family of 5 from the U.K. or Germany or any other country will want to travel to Thailand to get Covid tests for the entire family and insurance for everyone, for a 1 week or 2 week vacation. Just how much Yadong do they serve at those meetings where they come up with these proposals.
  10. Yes I guess Powell was just like Obama "he evolved" in his position. As to the "Masters of the Universe" Anytime the government manipulates the system they set into motion those that would take advantage of it. Now consider, many blame the banks and the insurance companies for the meltdown with derivatives. Consider, you are the head of a major bank and you see the government through guaranteeing mortgages is removing all risk from you. The government is telling you, that you can loan money to anyone no matter how poor the risk and they will purchase that mortgage from you. As the head of the bank you know you can make millions in loan origination and servicing fees. WHAT DO YOU DO? You do what the government is encouraging you to do, you make lousy loans. Now you have Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac raising billions through bonds to fund those lousy mortgages. Those bonds have to be sold to investors. You are now the head of a major brokerage firm and have the opportunity to sell those bonds to investors. Investors favor diversification and not putting their money into a single bond. So you find you can package loans together much like a mutual fund and create a derivative called a Mortgage Backed Security where instead of an investor owning a single bond, they own a small fractional percentage of thousands of bonds. What do you do. You do what the government is asking you to do. You securitize the bonds Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac has for sale and you sell them. Consider, who were the main architects of the mortgage backed securities. The banks and brokerage houses. Who failed as a result of buying them, the banks, insurance companies, and brokerage houses who purchased them believing they were "government backed" and therefore of very low risk. They used those mortgage backed securities as their capital and reserves and when the securities became next to worthless they were undercapitalized and failed. This is really no different than in the 1980's when to respond to the deregulation of interest rates, the governments answer was to raise the FDIC/FSLIC guarantee from $10,000 to $100,000. Failing banks and S&L's now had a way to gather billions in new deposits from investors because those deposits were covered by FDIC or FSLIC insurance. Those institutions being underwater already had to put those dollars into investments that were risky to gain high returns. The real estate market crashed, those investments proved worthless and the bank and S&L crisis of the 1980's resulted. Lesson, let the marketplace function. If banks and brokerage houses had to assume the risk for the loans they make, they would be far more prudent in who they loan money to knowing that they are the ones who take the loss if they make a mistake. Whenever government steps in to remove the underwriting risk, they distort the market and create a bubble which eventually will burst.
  11. Yes, it is true the quote surfaced later. The same is true with Johnson's stuffing of ballot boxes in Texas and JFK's connection with the Mafia that swung the vote in Illinois. The stories of Eisenhower and LBJ affairs with their staffers did not surface until years later. The same is true of JFK and his brother Robert having an affair with Marilyn Monroe. As to the term "voter suppression" What exactly does that mean? I have to show my passport here in Thailand to get a hotel room. I am being suppressed by having to show ID as to who I am? If I open a bank account, I have to show my passport and visa to open it. Am I being suppressed? If I board an airplane, I am required to show a pictured identification. Am I being suppressed? If I attend the convention of the Democratic Party, in order to enter, I have to show pictured identification. Am I being suppressed. If I mail an envelope here in Thailand, I have to show identification, Am I being suppressed? If I pick up tickets at for a sporting event, or show, I have to show ID. Am I being suppressed? If I pick up a prescription from the pharmacy, I have to show ID. Am I being suppressed. The Democrats call this voter suppression 1. Not being able to go to old age homes to "assist people" in ordering and filling out their ballots. 2. Not being able to go into predominately Democratic neighborhoods and "harvest" ballots to be turned in in bulk. 3. Requiring some identification for ordering a ballot, and establishing identification verification when it is returned. If you trust the mail so much, why don't you test the theory. Put $10,000 in cash in an envelope and mail it to yourself. A large and increasing number of countries require "biometric voter id" Are they being suppressed? If everything is "so honest" with handling via the mail, why don't we just send alcohol and cigarettes by mail and have the person check the box that they are of legal age. After all, they are attesting to their vote without being verified.
  12. Yes exactly. It is called " Grievance Politics" You divide the nation pitting one group against another. Old vs Young, Taxpayers vs Welfare Recipients, Gay vs Straight, Black vs. White etc. The party then feigns to support the side of a particular issue hoping to build a constituency of voters from a single issue. Instead of focusing on common values, common goals, and pursue an agenda that benefits everyone, they focus on areas that create division and hatred.
  13. I don't think I would have the maids get too many rooms ready. I doubt seriously if there will be a stampede heading to Thailand.
  14. Make sure to close Thailand to all those foreign tourists who come here only to drink, party, and spread Covid. Oh wait, Thailand is closed to tourists now. I wonder who these people might be? Only foreign tourist want to party, drink, socialize.
  15. First point, if there was truly a problem with foreigners running up insurance bills and not paying there are other ways to address that. Personally, I don't believe it. If I go to a hospital and want service, I am required to pay often in advance for treatment. A friend of mine who is Thai was fell and had a badly broken leg that required surgery. She went to Bangkok hospital that required she pay in advance for her treatment. The simple solution "if there really is a problem" is to require a payment of perhaps 1,000 to 5,000 baht for the visa extension and put that money in a fund to be used to reimburse hospitals for bills incurred by foreigners that go unpaid. Are these people that delusional that they can not see the result of this policy. Any foreigner considering Thailand for retirement will immediately exclude it knowing that eventually they will not be able to obtain or afford the required health insurance. Those foreigners already here will be forced to liquidate their condo's and homes and move elsewhere causing prices to plummet. That will impact not just the foreigners but the value of those residences owned by Thai's. Seeing the value of their home now worth less than what they owe, Thai's will walk away from their homes leaving the banks with huge losses from repossessed properties. At the very least, even the consideration of this as a proposal has negative consequences. Those considering retiring here will now pause or choose someplace else and those already here may out of caution sell their residence and head to exit Thailand seeing that the value of their residence and even their ability to stay here is in peril.
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