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  1. I Told them This 21 Yrs ago on my first Visit to a Marine National Park How Long to do anything about it SNAILS Work Faster than Thai Beurocratic Rubbish
  2. Is This True They are Shipping People Out of Bangkok to Phang-Nga Who are Covid Positive Because they Are no Hospitals for them up there and Moving them to Other Hospitals
  3. I Expect that the Ones in SHA Hotels are Fine Another Case for the Ones that Forced into ASQ Hotels as for Leaving Wasn't it Just the Myanmar Group that Requested That and Nobody else has Asked to go Home ?
  4. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1700545326676832/permalink/4562677080463628/
  5. Why When for Medical Reasons SHA People have to to go to ASQ in Phuket Does their Insurance Not Cover the Cost of the New Type of Accommodation
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