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  1. All these diseases/conditions existed before Polio, Diphtheria, Rubella, and a host of other vaccines we have all had. If you can show me that these side effects are now related to only the Covid vaccines, I will look. You forgot Autism BTW, guess we have to wait until all the Covid babies are born for that conspiracy theory to pop up But please cite a book, recent scientific article, or medical journal. Do not want to read some conspiracy theorist/self proclaimed expert spouting untruths over the internet. I do watch Joe Rogan for comedic relief, but not for scientific evidence. Peace to you as well
  2. No human being should be allowed on an airplane until vaccinated. For crying out loud, in LA you can walk into any Walgreens or CVS pharmacy and get a free shot AFAIK. The world has gone mad I say, make all those people living in the Lunatic Fringe stay home
  3. ??? Never had that problem. Passport, Smartphone, charger, money. A few shirts, shorts if you have favorites. Favorite sandals. All clothing available here cheap and even my prescription drugs are available at Fascinos without a prescription. Phrase books, travel books and such were important in the 90's before the smartphone. Never needed a power plug converter, I've been seeing this listed on travel sites as a necessity for 25 years and honestly never used one in the last 25 years traveling and now living here. It's all good man Peace
  4. Think your house would be my type of Adventure park :-D
  5. You lost me here. Your mongering karma got you. Be true to yourself and others or let them go (as in your wife) Peace
  6. My Non-Imm O visa was obtained at Los Angeles Thai embassy as well back in 2018. I only had 90 days to get to immigration for an actual stamp in my Passport from Thai immigration. Do not believe the Thai embassy in LA stamps your passport with the actual annual stamp as they are not an Immigration service Posted my annual stamps from Immigration here. You have to do 90 day reports now as well. Have you set up a Thai bank account ? As NCC stated, pretty easy with 800K in a Thai Bank. This should be your account only, not a joint account. Cannot trust anyone but yourself for this legal necessity IMO Peace
  7. Cool. You need to write a book on that. I've paid my whole life. First living in the US, whether girlfriend or wife, I paid dearly 555 Here at least it is up front and most only want you to rent and not buy 555
  8. Ban all parking on Beach road and shut it down to all motorized traffic after 6pm. No more constant noise from motorbikes and the tons of pollution from the cars and trucks. People could actually enjoy the serenity of being on the beach in the evenings. 1000 times more safe for people as well Have investors buy the old hotels and businesses from Soi 2-Soi 13-5 and turn them into parking lots. The income from parking lots is substantial. Joe Diamond became a multi millionaire with paid parking in Seattle, WA USA. Plus better than parking your car in the basement of a condo or hotel that floods every rainy season.
  9. This works for me. Yet at risk people who refuse a vaccine must not be allowed to take up a bed in the hospital as well. Cant have it both ways. You want your "freedom" you cannot take away others if you get sick
  10. https://th.usembassy.gov/u-s-citizen-services/acsappointment/ Never taken more than a few days to get an appointment in the past. The US embassy does not do Passport renewal by appointment anymore. You have to complete the form and mail it in FYI.
  11. "Nobody has had 6 mRNA jabs so what does he base this prediction on?" mRNA drugs have been used in a clinical trial since 2018 for Peripheral nerve disease . Every participant received a shot every 3 weeks for 18 months. 26 shots each of mRNA based medicine. Is that a lot? Too much? Consider all the other medications people take daily Would a vaccine pill make everyone feel better? Most likely I take 3 medications daily in pill form, personally would rather get a shot once a year I would prefer to stay with the AZ shot and not get the mRNA based shots personally as long term effects are unknown, whereas the science behind the AZ and Sinovac shots has been around for decades. Like the already in place "No shirt, no shoes, no service" most business owners will likely want a vaccine cert. in the near future. Masks will also be required inside many businesses as well. Of course while eating and drinking that would be highly unlikely, but plastic partitions may become more common in restaurants. Its all getting better.... in my mind - 555
  12. I'll take the "adverse" reaction anyday, better than ending up 6 feet under with Covid
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