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  1. Tuvoc


    Yes, there have been complaints about prices in the UK, which now seem to be dropping. Thailand's test are not cheap at all.
  2. A question then concerning the reluctance of people to hold money in Thai Banks - is there a history of Thai banks going bankrupt and people losing their money ? At least one bank is government owned, don't recall which one, and you'd think that would be safe enough.
  3. No it wouldn't.
  4. Nothing wrong with Thai citizens being offered a discounted price ? I do not understand why people have a problem with this.
  5. I heard second-hand reports that the UK embassy do accept the Etihad policy but don't take that as gospel. Worth asking your embassy for sure. I have an annual Cigna policy which should cover this requirement next time I enter, but I'll be contacting the broker who I bought it from to be sure. In any case you just apply for the COE, if they reject it then you simply buy a specific policy.
  6. Unlike most people I don't have an issue with double-pricing. It is their country so they set the rules.
  7. Tuvoc


    Prices of UK Covid tests varies a lot. I think I paid 3,300 baht at Kasimrad Sriburin hospital last month, no appt necessary. At the time that was similar if not less than the average UK price, but UK prices do seem to have dropped now if you shop around.
  8. I found ASQ just fine. I worked remotely for that two weeks on my laptop so I was busy most of the time. Food was surprisingly good. Only problem with mine was that the internet speed was max 6mbps. The manager said the hotel had a 100 mb connection to serve the entire hotel, and each room was capped at 6. It was advertised as high speed internet as well ! I tethered off my AIS mobile which gave me up to 40mb.
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