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  1. Very true. Had the good fortune to visit Koh Mook in January and kayak over to the Emerald Cave from Charlie Beach. In the four hours we took exploring and relaxing, there's an unbuilt upon beach just past the Emerald Cave, we saw the grand total of four other people, also on kayaks. Had the cave completely to ourselves when we got there. if anyone has any bucket list places to go that are normally packed now is a good time to go. Really cheap deals on hotels too.
  2. I'm hoping I don't have to do ASQ again what with upcoming rule changes, but if I do, the one thing I'd change in my approach to it would be to pack extra food. Thank God for the 2 litres of whisky I got in!!
  3. You don't think it's a bit on the small side?? I'm not a big guy. I weigh about 75kg. But that's just not enough!
  4. Things may have changed since I did it, but there were a lot of limits to what you could order from outside. No hot food or any cooked food from outside was allowed. My wife made a delivery of fruit, mama, and crisps at one point which was allowed. The no cooked food from outside rule was supposedly to stop any tourists getting food poisoning and then be a weakened state if C19 developed. The cynic in me tells me that it was to encourage guests to order room service separate from the set menu provided every day. And taking that a step further, it wouldn't be unreasonable to assume that the hotel purposefully made the food so shite to almost guarantee they'd make extra money from room service. So yeah. You wouldn't starve. But you'd certainly pay extra (on top of what is already an expensive stay) for the privilege. Maybe things have changed now though.
  5. I like squid actually. But my 2 issues were the blandness, especially when you're getting the same thing every other day, and the portion size. It just wasn't enough. And i like milk too, just not that long life stuff in a carton. Maybe I'm too fussy I don't know. To me it seemed like at every step the hotel tried to give the cheapest food in the smallest quantities. Loads of crappy processed sausage like what you get in 7 all the time, I mean who actually buys and enjoys that stuff as a staple of their diet.
  6. Can't remember. It was better than the toddler's breakfast though. Squid and rice soup. Breakfast of champions!
  7. What's not to like about ASQ, when they give you such filling meals as this.... As a way of dieting it wasn't too bad. My wife said I looked like a teenager again when I came out!
  8. Can they stop saying reopening. Unless it's for all countries, not just the 70 currently eligible to enter under the Sandpox it's not a reopening .
  9. less than the millions of Thais wandering around the country, due to reduced transmission and infection rates, due to the fact they're all vaccinated.
  10. Cyprus is a far better option. Route to citizenship for the applicant plus family for €250k and no restrictions on the kind of property invested in. Can be split between 2 properties as well. Also in the EU with the visa free travel right of abode etc that comes with it too.
  11. No. I'm put off by the fact that even though cases are below 100 a day, I'm not eligible for the Sandpox, and my only option is ASQ.
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