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  1. Too little too late. Thais have become used to thess sorts of nonsensical pleas for understanding. AZ and it's affiliates had the moment and they blew it!!
  2. Wha?? Let's exacerbate the contentious argument between foreigners expecting something for nothing here in Thailand. Makes for an attentive audience, eh? Screw the Sandbox - that business-interested self servers (hint hint) continue to either desperately defend, then think these tourists are that naive, to come holiday in the middle of a pandemic. They knew the risk, too. As a local foreigner, with Thai family and no self-serving business interest, I say screw Sandbox, it was so perversely stoopid in the first place. Oust Uncle Tu for he is clearly incompetent. Give the job to General Nop. He seems to be the only competent one.
  3. Yes quite colorful , these America journalists, hahaha CNN fake news opinionated non sense. Thaiger would be better off wo them, but then again would they? Being it's all about the advertising revenue isn't it boys? Got to stay afloat during the down town, and these American fellows have no other skill, probably here on extended tourist visas, eh fellas? Need that American think they know but don't know squat, attitude.
  4. The whole "Sandbox" scheme will fail. This is just the start. By end of August expect it to be cancelled. 10s of thousands of Covid cases, THOUSANDS of deaths. And for what, to enrich the ultra rich? The ones who own pharmaceutical companies and 5 star sea view resorts? Been here 23 years. Thais cannot get themselves out of a wet paper bag without foreign assistance because ALL the institutions in Thailand are greedy, corrupt and self serving. But hey, makes for great news!
  5. Uh, boohoo? Who in thier right mind would visit a country that is next to last in Covid handling, with cases and deaths the highest they've ever been?? Zero sympathy, she is just adding to the covid situation making it worse. The governor of Phuket is as incompetent and corrupt as they come. Som Nom Nah Phuket!!
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