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  1. I’m not sure what’s worse- the electrical wire line dance going on or the crusty farangs living here who can barely dance.
  2. Even funnier are people who expect/want a fee from farang tourists to pay their health insurance bill here. Geez, talk about wanting someone else to pay yet complain about a tourist fee at the same time. I’d have no problem paying the additional 500 thb fee to visit here but definitely not a fee to pay a broke ass farang’s health insurance.
  3. I doubt this fee will deter tourist from coming here. I also doubt this fee will go to making this an “upscale” destination per those who established it.
  4. Interesting. Just fyi. If you’re a farang involved in the death of another party who is Thai (regardless of fault), lawyers here will expect you to pay 300k THB to that person’s family for the issue. That’s just for starters before any court case to determine fault. The 300k THB number being thrown around seems like quite a coincidence.
  5. It’s another way to subsidize others here. It’s not about building up the tourist sites. It’s about the lack of innovation and the way people think here that as a foreigner (living or traveling here), you are an ATM.
  6. For those who don’t understand the declining Baht against the US $, let me help: The “woman” you bought last night cost less in US dollars than the “woman” you bought last week. If you can remember back that far.
  7. Disgusting. He was probably with the “woman” you bought last week.
  8. Don’t mess with ignorance here. It’s a waste of time going to court for equal hospital and other fees. Thailand is a developing? country with many poor people and it views a foreigner (rich or poor) as an ATM. End of story.
  9. Agreed. An open shoot program would reduce the population and put food in the table.
  10. Maybe I’ll have to put Phuket back on my Fhuket list. I haven’t been to that crapbox in a long time.
  11. Donations? 555. How many have been abandoned everywhere else? Spay and neuter aren’t in the vocabulary here. Rather than donate anything, just follow the common practice here- drop the cats off at the Temple Dump.
  12. Good. We should have left that shi*hole 20 years ago. How much $, time and lost lives did we spend training people who can’t even fight for their own country? Ditto for Vietnam. I’m tired of propping up other governments who rely on our support than dish us when we don’t. Game over AssGanistan. And to those who say otherwise, my guess is you never served and think our involvement was infinite. You are the losers who can’t walk away when it’s best.
  13. I rewrote my response after reading the article again. Just my opinion he’s outta luck even if he’s got plenty of change.
  14. I am rewriting my response after reading this article again. If you’re a farang and hurt a Thai, you’re outta luck. If you’re a farang and hurt another farang, the court will get involved and it will come down to who has more resources. My thinking is this person, a farang, is outta luck. AND, noise is natural here. It doesn’t matter if you prefer things to be quiet.
  15. Wow. I switched to this instant espresso from HCMC and love it. It’s strong. The best coffee I’ve had was Turkish. Not sure it’s even here. But most surprising was the info I got on the shelf life of instant coffee: 20 years!!!! I’ve got enough of these sticks to last 2 months…hopefully outlasting any shortages. Cheap, easy and strong. I’m talking about the coffee.
  16. He’s doing what is considered normal and expected here. This behavior, just like the “Boss”, is normal here and passed on in this society. As a farang, the same is true. You are no different than the shake down that left someone dead. You can not win SO do not mess with ignorance here. You will lose. And yes, he’ll keep all the high end cars he got from shaking down others but that’s ok here.
  17. Jesus. Really? Some go to a field hospital and do this? Maybe it’s more privacy than they get at their 25 sq meter dump.
  18. Good. I got my second shot yesterday. Easy. But I gotta say, I hope I don’t look like some of those hooligan looking farang when I’m 60. That place was DMV x10.
  19. Uh, duh. I won’t travel anywhere that requires quarantine. What type of “vacation” is that? But there’s a few out there who don’t mind being restricted on their getaway.
  20. I remember turning on to a street here in CM and pissed off a driver I got in front of. I was on a Ducati and they pulled up at a stop light next to me. I ignored the crap BECAUSE as a farang, had I done anything, there’s a possibility other Thais would get into the mix and leaving on a green light might not happen. Oh, and I’d be sued to take care of them for their issue. Live here long enough and learn it’s a lot different than travels here.
  21. Excuses, excuses. He’ll apologize, become a monk for a week and then get a promotion. And he’ll keep that Lamborghini he shook down from a drug dealer. Next.
  22. Duh. Joe shook down a lot of people. This isn’t surprising but surprising some thought he lived in a 25 sq meter dump.
  23. Wow. Don’t mess with ignorance here. The Zebra crossing means nothing and being it was ignored, it was probably a Thai. Add to that a farang hitting your car and I’m surprised the farang wasn’t sued. An apology after running away and no charges filed after being kicked from behind. Wow.
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