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  1. A number of posts and their replies have been removed. It’s fine to disagree, but let’s try to keep things civil and not use inappropriate language.
  2. “Happy wife, happy life”. Not sure who came up with that one, but a very powerful guiding principle!
  3. Well understood and I agree with you. My point is that insisting on only posting stats on the “fully vaccinated eligible population” paints a misleading picture. Other countries which have already sailed past the “80% of the eligible population” figure are not opening up and neither will Australia before Christmas. It’s sad and brilliant at the same time. Sad because of the big let down to come and brilliant because the government has convinced 25 million people that 60% = 80%.
  4. Some interesting moves in Gameweek 6, with Ronaldo, Lukaku and Fernandes all drawing blanks. A new member, a first-time Gameweek winner, and Athletico Pathetico still top of the pops. GameWeek 6 Top 8 in full (GW points, overall # ranking for the season, total gameweeks won) 1. Inter MiNan (59, #5, 1) 2. Wonnaplay Wednesday (53, #10) 3. The Vikings (49, #11) 4. ILL Tempered Sea Bass (47, #3) 4. Oi Oi Team (47, #6) 4. Tottenham Krian (47, #9) 7. DON FC (46, #7) 8. Pasar Rebo FC (43, #2, 1) Onward to gameweek 7!
  5. Great post KC and the chip usage is very interesting. I wonder what Dr.Evil is plotting with his SeaBass in rank#3. And welcome DON FC. There’s a chap 22 points behind you watching your every transfer move :)
  6. Inappropriate off-topic post and replies removed. Please note that the topic is: Curfew Shortened, Bangkok spas, gyms, cinemas can re-open from October
  7. Absolutely brilliant, @Marc26, the rise and fall of Adam Neumann. Loved it too!
  8. Hi @Lorraine, late reply here, but I think we are on the same page (pun intended). I also much prefer non-fiction and have read Liar’s Poker, which is a brilliant account of bond trading in the 80s. I prefer the “fictionalised history” genre if I do read fiction, and my favorite author is Edward Rutherfurd (not Rutherford), whose works you may be familiar with. He writes the history of places seen through the eyes of fictional characters in a novel format, with each chapter a later period in time. London, Dublin and Russka are my favorites. China is coming out this year. Highly recommended.
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