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  1. Warning to all Quote deleted Pictures deleted as there was no personal comment Read the forum rules and guidelines Rule 8. Members are not to insert more than two relevant image files – pictures or videos, per post. Moderators may use their discretion and DELETE any image files that do not comply or are deemed offensive as per Forum Guidelines. Rule 6. All text and posted content, must align to the topic and/or the first post under that topic. Post must be accompanied by a personal comment & link (URL) to any source for verification.
  2. Several off topic posts and posts that were in breach of rule 10 including quotes within other posts have now been removed.
  3. Hi @semrand753, the link does not open when copied into the search bar.
  4. Several post and images have been removed as they were not on the subject of the thread Public Health Ministry defends October 1 reopening
  5. Several posts have been removed and references to the pictures in other posts have also been removed This thread will now be closed
  6. The topic of the thread is North Korea launches 2 ballistic missiles off their coast Please stay on topic
  7. Topic now locked as we are way off the subject of the thread. All of the opinions are ok and actually belong on other threads where their is discussion on Vaccines.
  8. Several posts now removed as they were off topic and were personal attacks on other members Please stop immediately Rule 6: Don’t personally insult or harass other participants – ‘flaming’ in forum jargon. Always focus on the logic of the argument rather than the individuals involved in the argument. Users are entitled to choose not to enter into a debate with you.
  9. Hi Soidog, two different threads with similar titles: The best places to live by the beach in Thailand The best places to live for families in Thailand
  10. Well said @MrStretch, I have removed a lot of off topic posts and please keep to the subject of the thread. Foreign investors keep a close eye on struggling Pattaya hotels
  11. Several posts by members have been removed as they were not on topic of the thread: Bangkok video 60 year ago with English
  12. We are way off topic and please return to the subject of the thread NUG announces defensive war to battle Myanmar coup forces
  13. Apologies @MrStretch and the brand is Adidas and will now contact the author to correct the spelling. Thank you
  14. Hi John, it was Faraday who made the comment and not me. I only said the following
  15. Yes, it's actually quite pleasant to agree with you - no sarcasm intended or implied. HE's posts made feel as if I'd had an Out of Body Rxperience, as they seem - to put it politely: wrong. Bearing in mind that he is a mod, I wonder if our posts will remain..... Hi @Faraday, @Stonker HappyExpat ceased been a mod; before they wrote their posts in this thread and as long as you show your reasons as to why you have a difference of opinion with another member, there would be no issues.
  16. Not quite sure how to take that comment. Are you questioning it, and if so what are you questioning? Hi John, I would take it as a complement as you tell an interesting story
  17. Taliban commander Mullah Hasnain deliberates on; what is left of the last CIA facility in Afghanistan after America's longest war finished: shattered buildings, destroyed cars, and ammunition. Hasnain, a leader of the Taliban's elite Badri 313 unit, remarked, we let them go peacefully, and look what they have left behind. "They destroyed everything before they left," he told journalists as he was shown around the site with Taliban guards displaying American M-16 rifles and wearing the latest military kit. The Taliban concluded their stunning success by marching into Kabul on August 15 after a two-week blitz of Afghanistan. "We were there for nine or ten days," Hasnain, 35, added, speaking clearly in English, "There were a lot of explosions”. Hasnain pointed to a crater that he described as an "ammunition warehouse." There is nothing left but a heap of wreckage and twisted metal. Islamic State-Khorasan, Afghanistan's branch of the jihadist organization and Taliban enemies had targeted people trying to evacuate the airport the day before. Hasnain gestured to another section, where dozens of containers piled high with hundreds of missiles. He told the media, "Please do not move the grenades." One structure, a big games room with billiards, table football, darts, and soft velvet recliners, was still intact. The Snooker Club's sign was still displayed outside. "Everything, including weaponry, is needed for the country; we do not have enough to provide security," he stated. A large number of planes and armored vehicles, as well as a high-tech defense system meant to stop rocket strikes, were crippled or destroyed by US soldiers at a nearby airfield. "The United States arrived in Afghanistan promising to rebuild the country," he claimed. "This is their true face; they left nothing behind." Source: News.com.au
  18. A number of posts have been removed as they were off topic. This thread was on the future of Covid vaccine ‘passports’ in access to services The thread will now be locked
  19. According to an influential coalition of former presidents, prime ministers, and leading public figures on the left, Brazil's president, Jair Bolsonaro, and his allies may be planning a military coup. According to an open letter, Bolsonaro supporters' rallies, taking place on Tuesday constitute a threat to democracy and amount to an insurgency similar to Donald Trump supporters' attack on the US Capitol on January 6. They claim that the president supporters' country-wide have organized marches, against the Supreme Court and Congress, which include white supremacist groups, military police, and government employees at all levels, are "adding to concerns of a coup in the world's third largest democracy." Former Spanish Prime Minister José Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis, former UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, former Paraguayan President Fernando Lugo, British Green MP Caroline Lucas, and Argentine Nobel Laureate and human rights activist Adolfo Pérez Esquivel are among the signatories. They have pointed out on August 10, Bolsonaro “directed an extraordinary military parade through the capital city of Braslia, while his supporters in Congress pushed through substantial electoral reforms, that he says are needed before the presidential elections next year,” according to the report. On August 21, the president stated that the marches were a "necessary countercoup" against Congress and the Supreme Court. In his letter, he claimed that Brazil's "communist constitution" had stripped him of his power, accusing "the court, the left, of plotting against him The open letter states, “members of Congress in Brazil have been warned that the 7 September mobilization has been modelled on the insurgency at the US Capitol on 6 January 2021, when then-president Donald Trump encouraged his supporters to ‘stop the steal' by falsely alleging electoral fraud in the 2020 presidential election. “We are deeply concerned about the looming threat to Brazil's democratic institutions, and we are prepared to defend them both before and after the 7th of September. Brazil's people have fought for decades to free themselves from military control. Bolsonaro must not be allowed to take it away from them now. More than 5,000 police officers are expected to be deployed to protect Congress, amid fears that it would face the same fate as the US Capitol after Trump's defeat. Leftist leaders have asked their supporters to avoid violence by refraining from staging protests, while the US embassy has advised citizens to stay away. Source: The Guardian
  20. Forum Rule Don’t post anything that could be considered intolerant of a person’s race, culture, appearance, gender, sexual preference, religion or age.
  21. The VLA2001 vaccine, developed by the Valneva biotech business in France, has already been tested on over 4000 volunteers across Europe. Reported on August 17th, the company is now recruiting 300 adults across New Zealand to test the VLA2001 vaccine. Participants must be at least 56 years old and have never had Covid-19 or been vaccinated against it. Dr. Simon Carson, Director of Southern Clinical Trials in Christchurch, is the trial's principal coordinating investigator. He claims that the trials are being undertaken in New Zealand because of the country's low case numbers and slow vaccination rollout program. "The experiment started in the UK, but it required people, who have not had Covid and have not had a Covid vaccine, and with the rapid rollout and state of Covid in the UK, they were practically out of test subjects, and New Zealand was pretty much the only choice left to continue on with the testing. PharmaSols is in charge of the clinical trial in New Zealand, which will take place at eight Pacific Research Network sites across the country. In comparison to some of the newer mRNA vaccines, Carson noted the VLA2001 vaccine is different from the Pfizer vaccine in that it is a traditionally developed vaccine. "Rather than merely developing antibodies for the spike proteins, like the Pfizer one does, it is expected that this vaccine will produce a somewhat broader range of antibodies, giving you additional protection against other strains." The vaccination is administered in two doses, four weeks apart. Participants will keep electronic diaries of any symptoms they experience, as well as blood testing to track their antibody levels. "No vaccine is completely safe; there are a variety of side effects, including local side effects such as a slightly sore arm or swelling, as well as more generalized adverse effects like a higher temperature or feeling unwell for several hours or longer. "Throughout the experiment, the side effects are monitored and accessed by a safety committee, and they appear to be no different than any other vaccine." The trial has been advertised, and according to Dr. Carson, it has received a solid response thus far. "It's coinciding with the national rollout of the Pfizer vaccination, so quite a few individuals have already had the Pfizer vaccine, and people have contacted us saying, 'Oh, I would have come on to this trial, if I had heard about it earlier. "New forms of Covid vaccinations are still required to ensure that all demographic groups have access to safe and effective immunizations. Dr Frances Priddy, clinical evaluation director of the Vaccination Alliance Aotearoa Future Zealand, said she supports the trial and the expansion of New Zealand's participation in new Covid-19 vaccine studies. "New Zealand must remain a part of the worldwide effort to produce Covid-19 vaccines." New Zealanders have the opportunity to participate in this study on a personal level. Older adults' participation is crucial in the evaluation of new vaccines for this country." "The fight against Covid-19 continues," said Juan Carlos Jaramillo, chief medical officer of Valneva. "It's absolutely crucial that we continue to acquire as much data as possible in all age categories across the community." Outside of Europe, New Zealand is the only country where the VLA2001 vaccine is being tested. Source: RNZ News
  22. The Topic of Conversation is: Deadly Farangs and the capitulation to Covid
  23. Hi Peter1407, what exactly are you referring to please, as over 20 news articles have appeared onto Facebook today. Wednesdays Covid update was published over 6 hours ago. Thank you Andrew
  24. A man who spearheaded efforts in his central Texas community against mask-wearing and other prophylactic measures has died of Covid-19, a month after being admitted to the emergency department. Caleb Wallace referred to himself as Mr Anti-Vax. According to the San Angelo Standard-Times, Caleb Wallace died on Saturday, according to his wife Jessica Wallace, who provided updates on his condition via a GoFundMe page. He was thirty years old and the father of three children and Jessica is expecting their fourth child. Jessica Wallace wrote, "Caleb has peacefully passed on." “He will live on in our hearts and minds forever.” Caleb Wallace assisted in the planning of The Freedom Rally in San Angelo on July 4, 2020. People at the event held signs criticizing the wearing of masks, business closures, science behind Covid-19, and liberal media. In addition, he founded the San Angelo Freedom Defenders. In July 2020, Wallace stated, "We are not happy with the current situation of America." He wrote to the San Angelo school district in April 2021, demanding that all Covid-19 protocols be revoked. According to the San Angelo Standard-Times, Jessica Wallace's husband began exhibiting Covid symptoms on July 26 but refused to be tested or go to the hospital. Instead, he took high doses of Vitamin C, Zinc aspirin, and Ivermectin, an anti-parasitic drug used in cattle that officials have advised using against Covid-19. On July 30, he was transported to the emergency department. He had been unconscious and on a ventilator since August 8. Jessica Wallace wrote on Facebook the day before he died, "He was an imperfect man, but he loved his family and his little girls more than anything." “To those who wished him death, I’m sorry his views and opinions hurt you. I prayed he’d come out of this with a new perspective and more appreciation for life. Source: The Guardian
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