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  1. Very true @MrStretchas i am Irish. Do you have a favourite American Comedian?
  2. All expats of a certain age will remember Dave Allen and his humour was superb
  3. Cheers JohninDublin and had the same problem yesterday and i used grammarly as a back up.
  4. Cheers @JohnG and please let us know if it happens again All the best Andrew
  5. Hi @JohnG Just after checking The Thaiger app, opened the app, clicked the box with 3 parallel lines and then clicked Forum and signed onto Thaiger talk. all worked okay. if the problem still persists, please sent us some screen shots and we will do our best to resolve for you.
  6. Large open spaces such as parks must stay open as long as people practice social distancing and swimming pools are not a issue as people can come prepared and not use changing rooms. Fully aware the Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration is recommending these changes and fingers crossed they see sense and listen to public opinion and make changes to the proposal.
  7. Hi LedLollyYellowLolly You are indeed awesome and that post was approved a wee while ago
  8. Hi @facthai On thaiger talk home page click on the thaiger tab (its in the orange coloured column) Another set of options will appear on the white column below and select newsletter you can now subscribe by entering your email address. https://thethaiger.us4.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=ca0638ad6c17b876ff5b1d38e&id=4d9b130012
  9. This thread is now unlocked With members using Moderators names from Thai Visa, it is very confusing to existing members and also new members especially if they have been on Thai visa forum at some stage and then join Thaiger Talk and see those names appearing. Any member that posts onto Thaiger Talk forum using a Moderator usernames from Thai Visa is now not acceptable. Any member of Thaiger Talk that is currently using a false Moderators name will be given 24 hours to change their usernames or you will be blocked from posting after that period. Please pm me directly and I will apply any user name updates on Tuesday afternoon. Thank you Andrew
  10. Hi Paulie Thank you and a very acceptable compromise.
  11. Exchanges are becoming a bit over heated and I will close the thread temporarily to allow a cooling off time out.
  12. Hi @Golden-Triangle Please have a look at the following thread for the answer.
  13. Great read and thank you for sharing
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