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  1. There is no excuse to hold a party now, for any reason. Any establishment that does it should be named and shamed. I have neighbours living beside me maybe 10-13 people in a 3 bedroom house, it’s wrong. But I say nothing at all, should I?
  2. I totally agree, but to be fair anyone drinking alcohol at these places will be doing so at their own risk. I personally know bar owners that always bought beer in bulk for larger discounts. Most of the beer bought is out of date so the owners are going to lose a lot of money. Most people at these illegal parties probably wouldn’t care how old the beer is though.
  3. I’m reading it that way too and to have a gun when you’re a monk. I give up, some things just don’t make sense to me
  4. Shocking story, I can’t imagine how her family are feeling and with all the travel restrictions on top of everything else. My prayers are with her and her extended family ?
  5. I personally know people who have been infected even after getting their 2 jabs, albeit they are in the uk. I still haven’t asked them what strain they both were. It makes me wonder about these vaccines, I’m no scientist and I’m one of those people in a high risk group.
  6. I personally hope that they had no children themselves. Absolutely disgusting, I hope they lock the both of them up for a very long time and if they did download from another site find those people and lock them up too.
  7. Definitely a big gambling den 800 baht divided by 22 people. Unusual that they didn’t take the photo opportunity too. Roughly 36-37 baht per person
  8. Number 5 made me laugh, I wonder what it could be? ?
  9. Apparently 795 new cases in Chonburi Mueang Chonburi 196, Si Racha 182, Banglamung (Pattaya) 231, Panat Nikhom 32, Sattahip 15, Ban Bueang 67, Pan Thong 25, Bor Thong 1, Ko Chan, 4, Nong Yai 7, and 35 new cases transferred from other provinces for medical care. The crazy part is this, taken from this article in the pattaya news website, hopefully I’m allowed to post this here. The details on the cases are as follows: 1. Cluster, 11 people from establishments in Panat Nikhom District 2. Cluster, an establishment in Phanat Nikhom District, 1 person 3. Cluster, 5 from business establishments in Mueang Chon Buri District 4. Cluster, 3 from business establishments in Mueang Chon Buri District 5. Risky occupation, meeting a lot of people- 27 cases 6. 13 medical personnel 7. Central Festival Pattaya Beach Shopping Center 9 cases 8. Traveling to risky areas in Bangkok 1 case 9. Many establishments in Rayong Province 14 cases 10. Close contacts: 10.1 237 family member 10.2 A total of 94 co-workers 10.3 23 close contacts/friends of previous patients who were “mingling” 10.4 A total of 3 people who attended an illegal party with a close contact 11. Close contacts (under investigation) 139 cases 12. 171 cases are under investigation in general 13. Proactive surveillance project at Chonrajasornramrung School site 44 people (The school was the testing location for the community, not the source of the outbreak.) ——-/-/ To be honest why not just name the establishments so people would know to get tested, is the thai Chana app actually being used?
  10. Crazy crazy idea, delivery only. I went to grab a bite to eat earlier and was refused after walking there. Delivery only, I said can you deliver to me outside the shop. The answer was no. So I headed back to the hotel and had to order via grab. Ridiculous rule, takeaway is safer than grab. Sit outside self isolate with a mask on but no can. So in the company’s opinion it is better to just do delivery so now the restaurant that handles my food, passes it to a grab driver (I don’t have grab wallet) drives to the hotel, gives it to reception who I’ve given them the money, he then gets it and my change and delivers to me, nothing surprises me anymore ??
  11. Expectation or exception in the article. Also does this mean people in the not so red zone can travel or not? I’m totally confused, I’m not sure if anyone else is
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