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  1. In public forums like social media, OnlyFans responded to complaints with the info you stated. Unfortunately the emails they sent directly to creators told a very different story.
  2. Headlines need to be a certain length to display properly on websites and search engines; space is limited. The more slight inaccuracy that it's technically the person who posted and not the post facing prosecution seems clearer than the alternative of using a confusing homonym by saying poster. I saw other articles about the new laws on sharing negative news using the word poster and found it often confusing. Had it been on a different social media site, we could have said tweeter or blogger or vlogger, but (perhaps fortunately) the term "Facebooker" or similar never caught on. :)
  3. Tried so hard to keep it genderless, but one slipped through my edit. Turns out it was a woman. Corrected now, thanks for catching it! "Non-gendered or nonbinary pronouns are not gender specific ... The most common set of nonbinary pronouns is they/them/their used in the singular." When the gender is unknown, "they" is a lot easier to read than saying "the person" over and over.
  4. I actually intentionally use the words "international travellers" in my reporting because it is literally true. I avoid using terms like "foreigners" or "tourists" for exactly the reasons you stated @EdwardV. We don't have any data available on how many are returning Thais and how many are truly just on holiday.
  5. Thanks all for catching the error - Johnson & Johnson was mistakenly listed as an mRNA vaccine. The article has been updated now.
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