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  1. Crikey who'd have thought that .. TaT'll mull this over then come back with an Sha 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 and free milk shakes with your swab up the hooter covid tests ..
  2. The second afgan war was essentially a face saving exercise. the great game was over by that time so it was all completely pointless anyway. Bit more than a face saving exercise as in turning it into a protectorate of the Empire it created the buffer country the British sought to protect India from Russia which is part of what the Great Game was all about .. the Durand Line agreement of 1893 defining Afghanistan's northern borders is the date most historians put as the end of the Great Game ..
  3. That they did in the first Afghan war of 1839 to 1842 but the British returned in 1878 to 1880 when they didn't make the as same mistakes in their subduing of the rebellion and making Afghanistan a protectorate of the Empire ..
  4. Blimey , when I seen the headline I thought Monks or politicians .. imagine my disappointment to learn neither were involved .. They were probably in each others ward's to borrow some sugar or something look like that ..
  5. Latest casualty figures are 90 dead with agencies quoting some Taliban were killed also along with 13 U S Marines .. Isis K claim responsibility with the U S threatening retaliation which is where it is going to get complicated as they will likely have to co-operate with the Tal's to achieve that but even so absolutely no surprise if the Isis lot get a visit from the Angel's of death shortly ..
  6. Bit disappointed that Wong , watchkeeper for the deceased ain't made it on to the list ..
  7. The Brits have p*ssed in the sandbox then .. TaT are gonna earn their corn trying spin a way out of this ..
  8. If I were him I'd quote Prawit " I'm looking after them for 13 dead buddies " ..
  9. Deery me .. the no eye deer gag is gonna get stag - nant ..
  10. A duck , skunk and deer go out for dinner .. when it came to pay the skunk didn't have a scent , deer didn't have a buck so they put it on duck's bill ..
  11. Hahaha no kek's on an' he cleaning the tables .. he's got some balls doing that .. Love the bit about securing the place with a bit of rope ..
  12. Kinky .. though I think I'd hiss myself if they were chasing me ..
  13. Sad news announced earlier today that ace beat keeper and original band member of the Rolling Stones , Charlie Watts has passed away aged 80 .. Only he , Keef Richard's and Jagger have played on all the Stones albums right back to the early 60's and he kept time in their brand of rock in his own inimitable style .. cheers Charlie for some of the most iconic rock n' roll songs of all time .. A night down memory lane with Ruby tuesday if she'll gimme shelter is my Beggars Banquet tonight ..
  14. Did electrician have the blues the day he put that in ..
  15. Are you brandy'ing me a wine 'oh for the Sake of it .. my spirit is sufficiently fortified not to require a buckfast breakfast thank you ..
  16. Unlucky .. must've been a pole that's so far escaped getting taken out by a barrel rolling HiSo Merc' or p*ssed up pick up truck ..
  17. My mate named his boys Ethanol and Methanol .. They're the chemical brothers .. I got some more corny jokes about ethanol if you're " still " interested ..
  18. but it will get the noodle's p*ssed .. I always stay away from places with drunken noodles on the menu as they sound like trouble ..
  19. Chelsea showed the gulf 'tween thereselves and Arsenal yesterday and even the visually challenged will have recognized that AFC got off lightly with just a 0 - 2 .. it's too Chelsea for Arsenal to tintack Arteta any time soon but the pressure will start to build after losing their opening two games .. Arrival of another new Messiah at Tottenham has seen them quietly go about winning their openers so all good at the Lane .. Norwich on the face of it have taken a tonking but it should not be unobserved that they've faced the 2 teams that are faves to win the title come next May and now they are out of the way and the Canaries can get back to lesser teams we might get a better evaluation .. Brentford scratched a point against Palace with Zaha getting suitably frustrated with all and sundry .. and Watford's first match euphoria was doused with some reality with Brighton's Seagulls nicking their chips at a 2 - 0 .. Still early doors though ..
  20. Is he looking at it with a magnifying glass .. and the batteries'll go flat leaving the lights on like that ..
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