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  1. 50 000 people get tested according to the CCSA released numbers a few days ago and of that test group they find 20 000 infections nationwide. Now that infection rate as a proportion of people who were tested is massive. If the government undertook a comprehensive testing regime i.e. 200 000 instead of 50 000 a day, then Thailands daily covid 19 rate would be significantly higher than the 20 to 23 000 daily infections being reported. Surprising that no Thailand News Outlets are willing to grab the Thaiger by the tail and "investigate" the daily numbers being generated by the CCSA. The CCSA states that the infection rate is in decline but the proportion of infected persons and low test rates make that statement very unbeleivable. Come on, quit reporting nonsence press release figures Thaiger....investigate and expose the truth.
  2. If you were to desire a lower positive count for political reasons then you could just test less people per day. The key figures released always show infection and recovered rates but they don't show the pcr test rate per 100 000 people, why is that? That test rate is as important as the other figures. Maybe the test rate per day is released daily elsewhere.
  3. Thr story really should read - CP outlines 4 ways by which his company can profit from the pandemic.
  4. Instead of calling the vaccine Subunit it should be renamed in honour of Anutin, maybe call it Halfwit instead.
  5. And the nutter wants bail? I would bail him into the direct care of the girl's father and let dad deal with the broken toy.
  6. RIP to the victim and condolences to the family. I hope that they get resolution i.e. the true culprit is bought to justice in a transparent and honest manner.
  7. According to the newly postulated Anutin theory of Vaccine Distribution. 10×10=1 000, 100×100=1 000 000, 1000x1000=10 000 000.
  8. Thailand has come up with a new slogan, muppets not puppets.
  9. Can they open another website to register people that can't register on their vaccine websites. My wife (Thai) was registered for her Bangkok vaccine number 1 but they posponed her vaccine date in the beginning of July and she hasn't heard from them at all since and I am yet to be able to successfully register anywhere. I doubt we will be vaccinated in August or September or October.
  10. Prayut thinking..."where have I heard the term coup used before"?
  11. Exactly same as my experience. Another site, another failure and I tried mine and my wife's email addresses. Sick to F...k of trying to register while our Embassies sit with their fingers up their a'ss constantly telling us to register with local health providers.
  12. Why put safeguards in place i.e. maximum infection rates etc if they are totally disregarded by a numpty in Phuket. The new model seems to be to stick ones head into the sandbox like an emu. When it all turns to crap in a few weeks time with even more infections the local politicians and hoteliers will be trying to find a third party to point the finger at. Desperation to open Phuket and Thai tourism in general we all understand and sympathise with, but the path to that opening will never lay anywhere else other than proper amd full vaccination with a suitably appropriate vaccine.
  13. Probably because the value of the land on which the market sits exceeds the income stream generated from stall holders. That land has to be an absolute prime piece of real estate in that area.
  14. The other politicians are the voice of the people. The people want Prayut to resign because Prayut doesn't listen or sympathise with the people.
  15. Yes Thailand...its time to put your hand up to tell the world media that you have a dire medical emergency on your hands and that Thailand urgently needs international medical help. Forget the fantasy about being an international medical hub and accept that you are no better than any other country in need of help.
  16. A picture says a thousand words.....total and utter desperation due to government failure. And the UK Embassy remains steadfast in its resolve to force its citizens to try and get vaccined via this shambolic system.
  17. Outlandish comment.........not based in logic or scientific fact, just a desperate comment that he hopes the people are stupid enough to swallow. Too late, the people recognise him as a total fraud.
  18. Yes, jowever there is nothing wrong with repeating published information as long as the source is cited for reference. I 100% agree with you that investigative journalists in Thaiger uniform would be a welcomed addition as I believe a lot of stories are released verbatum from government media offices for general distribution in the community and are then circulated by Thai media with no fact checking or challenging of the "facts"presented. I assume that the Thaiger has limited independent journalism at present due to the fact that it is small and hence has a small budget for journalistic investigation. Maybe (hopefully) the Thaiger will become more investigative and independent in its reporting over time if it increases in popularity and attracts more advertising income.
  19. No matter what perceptions people have of the "sandbox model" it has to be infinitely better than a mandatory 15 night quarantine in Bangkok or Pattaya. At least there is some freedom in regards to personal movement outside of your accomodation, food options and quality and the bonus of a few relaxing drinks if you so desire. My quarantine experience last year in Bangkok was one which I would not want to repeat and the sandbox addresses the issues that would make me baulk from re-doing a quarantine in Thailand. I have also self quarantined at home a number of times but that was very tolerable as the stay could be tailored to individual needs and comforts.
  20. Meanwhile I'm sure that the Thai's would have referred to old mate the ambassador as "Buffalo" rather than an elephant or oxen. I'm also sure that Minister Anutin would be more than capable of rivalling the old ambassadors disparaging comments when describing modern day farangs.
  21. Cheers, I was in the UK for 3 months last year and I was definitely in the minority when I was wearing my mask. I blame the authorities for earlier mixed messaging from the WHO about mask benefits for the reluctance. Also many people genuinely don't seem concerned about the potential risks. I was just recovering from double pneumonia which I picked up in March last year when I took to mask wearing, mainly because i felt that my immunity was lower because of the illness.
  22. Our condo pool has been closed since April 1st, the same applying to the gym. There have been active covid cases in the building during the last month, including the entire security team last week. I'm not sure whether covid is transmissible in water or not but given the active cases in and around our condo locking common zones like the pool, gym and common rooms has probably been a reasonable decision. I do look forward to regaining access though, once this wave passes.
  23. I'm a foreigner, so I am referring to the registration processes and quotas available to foreigners hence why I refer to foreigners and not Thais and not "us" as a collective. I'm sure Thai's can and do speak for themselves because their registration process and vaccination allocations differ to the foreigner quotas and methodologies. As I said, stop trying to put words in other peoples mouths when you are clearly incapable of understanding the narrative.
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