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  1. Thanks for letting me know. I’ve visited many places in Thailand over a 25 year period. I don’t visit the seedy side of the nightlife thank you. I was on about normal bars. Nightlife doesn’t mean sleaze. Many a Thai friend are bar owners. We visit their bars every night. No sleaze involve. Perhaps you need to change your assumptions of “nightlife”
  2. Just how many times are we meant to visit these “cultural experiences” we’ve all visited them. Once you’ve seen them you don’t need to visit them again. What else are we meant to do when we visit Thailand numerous times each year if they move away from having nightlife
  3. Open the bars as restaurants. Typical Thai logic. Probably can’t fill the existing already empty restaurants.
  4. Well suppose you can get shot in both for doing next to nothing. Like selling noodles. Thai cops or taliban. Mind you at least the Thai cop smiles first
  5. Correct. I can read. My point was why not open up to any country without restrictions. Especially people double jabbed. Mind you it will suit the Russians. Happy just sat on the beech all day then buy bottles of spirits from the shop and drink back at hotel. So with all entertainment being closed it doesn’t really make any difference to them.
  6. Oh I do look forward to being well and truly fleeced when we are finally allowed to return to Thailand. Thai mentality will be running wild with their prices. Scam the falang
  7. Peckham spring water is probably just as good as the sinovac juice.
  8. Why just Russia?The same would apply to any country if they opened up without all the restrictions.
  9. The Thai cop Joe “Ferrari” might have a spare Ferrari he’s not using. Can’t help you with the blondes
  10. When contacted for a reply about his damaged porn collection, the man said “don’t worry it’s all in hand”
  11. Don’t forget Hugh Jardon for the “lady’s”
  12. Everything confiscated. Looks like they’ve been screwed. Bet they didn’t see that coming
  13. Always risky having a wang khee on waterfall. But safer than having one near a ladyboy
  14. Probably because in the beginning covid didn’t exist in Thailand according to the people in charge. Even now it’s still very low considering the size of the population. Less testing , less cases
  15. If they don’t honour contractual agreements already in place then they need the license to produce the vaccine taken off them. Why am I not surprised the Thais are prepared to be underhand.
  16. Well there’s now a gap in the market and a new business opportunity for you ?
  17. At least it wasn’t a “flying falang”
  18. To be fair. The right camera angle can make certain things look bigger ?
  19. To be fair to the Thai driver, that bridge is a bit low to allow for their usual loading heights.
  20. I bet that caused a bit of a stink with the locals.
  21. You can afford to live in two “counties” ?maybe one day you can afford to live in two countries
  22. Should of used his lock prick. I mean lock pick
  23. It might be STRUCK. It says he’s from BANGcock
  24. Maybe you need new glasses like bob. It’s a pattern on a rug not litter
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