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  1. Your point about crash helmets is, of course, right. Your other points are also valid. But plenty of motorcycle deaths here are due to idiots in charge of a couple of tonnes of lethal machinery. That is exactly how my father in law died. I have lost count of the number of times I have gone round a blind bend only to see a car coming towards me on my side of the road. These days my pulse doesn't even raise in such circumstances.
  2. Yes. That is what happens when a two tonne pick up truck hits somebody on a scooter.
  3. My wife runs a painting business and one type of work she does is high rise buildings. This story doesn't add up. Normally there are two ropes; the primary rope and the safety rope. The primary rope has a manual brake mechanism operated by the worker. The safety rope has an automatic brake that operates if the rate of descent exceeds a certain speed as may occur if there were a failure in the primary system or the worker became incapacitated or some other circumstances. Cutting the safety rope would make no difference to the workers ability to control their descent. They could work and descend perfectly normally using just the primary system. By contrast cutting the primary rope would mean that the worker would drop a few metres with the G forces involved being controlled by the design of the safety system. Upon halting uninjured they would then have to be rescued. If this incident was due to ropes being cut the reporting suggests to me that it would have been the primary ropes. But there is another possibility. Industry standard equipment for this type of work is Petzl hardware and Beal rope. Both are made in France and they are derived from mountain climbing. That is what we use and it is very expensive. I looked at the photos with the initial reporting of this incident and it certainly isn't Beal and Petzl. I have no idea what it is. The photos were not that clear. So I would add equipment failure into the equation as a possibility. I have seen all sorts of weird and wonderful equipment used to do this type of work in Thailand.
  4. No. I am still waiting for a refund on the flight they cancelled one day after I booked it. I am not holding my breath.
  5. You need to up your eyebrow game. Selleck's got you well beaten in that department .
  6. Donny Osmond. I kid you not. I wasn't flattered.
  7. These guys lack ambition. Why not 5000? Or 50,000? In crisp newly issued banknotes.
  8. 1 Lighting is optional. If you have lights they can be any colour you like. A young kid in our town chose to change his motorbike headlight to red. A ballsy move though not one I would recommend. 2. Alcohol improves night vision and driving ability. 3. No such thing as too much pressure in a motorcycle tyre.
  9. Hmmm....I'm just wondering whether it makes sense to reopen just as the peak of the rainy season approaches.
  10. Doctor confirms the quality of the associated brown envelopes was excellent.
  11. I would have to give my vote to Saphli railway station in Chumphon province for best toilet. It is a small and photogenic provincial station. There are only two trains a day that are seemingly scheduled to be of use to the absolute minimum number of people; and yet they have multiple uniformed staff to blow whistles, wave flags, shout stuff and do whatever else they do. Part of what the staff do must be look after the toilets. They are spotlessly clean, they have real towels and bars of soap, they have flowers in vases. It's almost worth going there just to admire the toilets.
  12. Vote with your feet. If you don't like the service buy somewhere else.
  13. Ah but....you never know which version of PM cosplay you are going to get. It could be the business suit, or the 'traditional' silk outfit just like all the farmers used to wear in the fields back in the day(!), or the civil servant's uniform or the General's uniform. I even remember him wearing a sort of Thai redneck outfit on a trip to Issan once. A white smock top with a scarf or whatever the hell it is wrapped round the waist. Personally I think he should go with the 'traditional' silk outfit; in a colour that contrasts nicely with egg yolk yellow.
  14. Thank you Faz for setting this out very clearly. Another advantage of using the 60 day extensions is that you can, potentially, reduce the rate at which you use up the pages in your passport. This will vary depending upon where you apply for your visa and what country you use to do your border bounce. One of my pet hates is full page stick in visas so I try and avoid those where possible.
  15. We have a whole bunch of fruit trees that we grow commercially and I think the best advice I can give you is have a look around and see what is grown locally. If it were possible to grow orange, apple, cherry and so on successfully in your area you would see them around. To take one example I doubt you can grow oranges in Issan as I think they require a cooler climate and a more consistent supply of water readily available. Among the fruit trees we grow here in the south are Mangosteen, Longkhan, Rambutan, Lime, Durian, Jackfruit and a whole bunch of others but I don't know all the names. Of those Mangosteen are my favourite but Lime gets used all the time in cooking.
  16. I guess the maintenance thing probably means that money will be disbursed in that category rather than maintenance will actually be done.
  17. Shock horror. Thai army discovers that maintenance is a thing. Not so sure about the 'buy local' part of the plan. In the past that has proven to be a recipe for huge corruption and useless equipment.
  18. The whole point of cooking food is to get rid of the bugs. Beyond that it is about texture and flavour until you reach the point of peak chef.
  19. Well, it is you that is pumping the blood out. I am pretty sure an over zealous immigration officer could view that as work :-)
  20. Ikea is good. They have pots and pans that do not burn your hands when you pick them up by the handle. Cunning Swedish technology. Generally they are very good for kitchenware.
  21. This is just bizarre. The US wheels out Secretary of State Blinken in person in an effort to get Thailand to take the donation of life saving medication. This should be low level paper shuffling on both sides but Thailand cannot, or will not, get their act together.
  22. Didn't there used to be a syphilis test or similar for people working here as English teachers? Though I have no idea why an STD would be a requirement for that job. Of course I may have got this completely wrong
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