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  1. There are. I carved 50K (27%) off the asking price of a used car about six months ago. The car had a terrible engine management fault that they could not solve and the car had been stuck on their lot for months. I think they were just glad to be rid of it. It was a bit of a gamble on my part but it is a simple car. I diagnosed the two faults in less than an hour and the fix cost about 300 Baht. It helped that I have 45 years experience working on cars. For those interested it was a sticking idle air control valve (IACV) and a split vacuum hose to the inlet manifold. The idle was all over the place. Some brake cleaner from Mr DIY to unstick the IACV, a couple of OEM gaskets and a bit of vacuum hose from Mr Honda did the trick. Idles perfectly now.
  2. Many have the view that if someone uses a Non O ME visa it must be that they cannot meet the financial requirements for an extension of stay on the basis of marriage. That is not always the case. I spent twenty years here without ever applying for an extension of stay in country. I have ample funds to apply in country on the basis of marriage or, now that I am eligible, on the basis of retirement but I chose not to do. The main reason why is because I consider the documentary and other requirements to apply in country on the basis of marriage incredibly burdensome. By contrast the process for obtaining a Non O ME is much simpler and involves a lot fewer documents. In every case there is a clear and rational basis for the documents they request for a Non Imm O marriage visa abroad whereas by contrast some of the things they ask for in country are, in my view irrelevant and/or unreasonably intrusive. I also quite like the trips outside Thailand every 90 days. But why not a retirement visa some will ask. The documentary requirements are much simpler. The reason I do not do that is because I would prefer to retire in my home country whereas my wife would prefer to retire here. If, in time, she came round to my view I believe that liberating money from Thailand would be a challenge. Why therefore throw another 800K into the pot only to have problems repatriating it. We don't actually need the 800K to live on as we generate sufficient income in Thailand.
  3. I just read in today's Guardian that there are currently around 32,000 New Zealanders who wish to return home on a waiting list for the limited number of quarantine places available.
  4. I don't think there is any difference in the deal you can achieve based on whether you are Thai or foreign. You can get good deals on less popular brands or models. As an example I believe you can get a good chunk off retail on an MG but I would not touch one with a barge pole and re-sale will be poor. Toyota has easily the strongest re-sale value here if that is a consideration for you. I am not sure what, if any, impact chip shortages and supply chain disruption have had in Thailand. My guess is probably less than in Europe or the US as the models sold here tend to be light on tech. In my view less tech toys is a good thing. The used car market is a different game and negotiating skills are to the fore. But again I don't think whether you are Thai or foreign makes a difference.
  5. Oh dear. I have just received a response to my OP question above from the British Embassy Bangkok. Their advice was to call the UK based pay per minute helpline. The one staffed by people who almost certainly have no idea of the nuts and bolts processes for renewing a passport in Thailand.
  6. This will be my sixth 50 page British passport in 20 years. At times I was getting through a 50 page passport in as little as 18 months. My pet hate is stick in visas that take an entire page.
  7. Thank you Faz. If things go as you describe then I have no problem. I am replacing the passport as it is full. Validity date is not an issue as it is valid to December 2023.
  8. I know this is not exactly the right forum but it is the closest there is and my question is relevant to applying for an extension of stay in Thailand. I am a British Citizen in Thailand and I will have to apply for a new passport in the near future. I will be doing so as early as possible but right now I need to use my current valid passport. According to gov.uk current passport processing times are, on average, 11 weeks. I am required to apply for my new passport in person in Bangkok. Will my current British passport be cancelled at the time of application? The Thailand specific guidance on gov.uk says that you cannot use your current passport for travel once you apply for a new one but it does not address my question. I have no need to travel while the application for a new passport is under consideration. The reason I ask is because while my application for a replacement British passport is under consideration I will have to apply for an extension of stay in Thailand. I can only do that if I present Thai immigration with a valid passport. If my current passport is cancelled at the time I apply for a new one the delays in issuing a new passport are such that I will be unable to travel, unable to apply for an extension of stay and will inevitably become an overstayer. The only way out of such a scenario would be to apply for an emergency travel document which, I assume, would not be valid for applying for an extension of stay and use that travel document to leave the country. That hardly seems a reasonable solution given that there is no emergency, I have no wish to leave this country and the situation arises solely because of unreasonable delays at the British Passport Office. I have raised this issue with the British Embassy in Bangkok. I await their reply. I have not called the pay per minute advice line in the UK as I doubt they would be familiar with detailed processes in this country which differ from the norm.
  9. I think you need to do more research on the definition in English of "gentleman". I can think of probably fifty alternative words that more accurately describe whatever that living thing making the video is but I am not going to use them here for fear of the wrath of the moderators.
  10. How much did he pay for the certificates? If he was an engineer he would understand science and logic. It is pretty clear from his words and actions that he does not. Many Thais have died due to his bad decisions.
  11. I very much doubt he is judging by his mishandling of Covid.
  12. I remember that guy. Some guy from Phuket. I had a forum fight with him back in the day. It was obvious from his posts that he was a complete narcissist. Weird to think that as he was venting his spleen on his keyboard his girlfriend was decomposing in a wheelie bin downstairs.
  13. I'll preface this by saying that I am pro-vaccination. Thank you to Bob20 for setting out with greater detail and more accuracy Chris Witty's position. I expect the government will very quickly back-pedal on what he said. Imagine if a 12 to 15 year old, vaccinated without parental consent, were to get seriously ill or die as a consequence. There would be a public outcry; rightly in my view and doubtless legal action. It's not going to happen as Chris Witty describes.
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