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  1. Not talking about Indian spending power (or desire) by any means but as per ourworldindata.org - India has 278 fully vaccinated people AND 691 million people have received at least one vaccination dose and India will definitely cross 1,000,000,000 doses before the month is out (that's one billion for the lesser educated)
  2. Wow!, racist, indeed James. I've always kept your remarks & Soidodg's separate from the bigoted Stonker, BOB20, et al, beacuse I figured you were honest & not biased. I wish Jason all the best in defending his nation against all the miserable White Blue collar workers who wed into Thai homes and are now repenting and realising that their bucks ain't worth shit gainst the rising THB . My advice - go home and live off your pensions/medinsurance. Let me know when you die. It'll provide me a new country to visit. Salaam/Salom
  3. If all what you've written falls into place, will you be coming? There is still , after all, the post arrival test followed by 2 weeks in the slammer if you test positive I most certainly won't, I'm not looking forward to the holiday of a my lifetime
  4. "By accident", indeed! Randy lil' bugger. Can't wait to get back, can you?
  5. Actually it's the fear of testing positive on day 12 after a two week holiday that's scaring some
  6. For getting tourism ฿, UK has been "low risk" for the Thais since the begining even though it was on the red list of their own Department of Disease Control. These Romans must be crazy...
  7. Won't work. There are no scheduled commercial flights from India to Thailand till 31 October (at least). Moreover no Indian on a 3/4 nights extended weekend trip will risk testing positive and getting locked up for two weeks
  8. If they're smoking I put on ear plugs and a clothes peg on my nose.... 'cos I can't stand the sound of screaming women or th smell of burning rubber
  9. You are talking about what was happening there in April/May
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