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  1. They just get more and more desperate. When covid arrived in Thailand they talked like tourism didn't mean anything in the Thai economy. Now it seems it will be the savior.
  2. As so many other hopeless HUBs this will never happen. I'm impressed they can get so many idiotic ideas. Nearly every day there is a new hub emerging in the land of hubs.
  3. They actually kicked out 90% of the restaurants customer base as only 10% of the Thai population are fully vaccinated. Spain actually tried the same stunt. Some toke jt to highcourt where it was disallowed because of discrimination. Here it won't happen because Thais never discriminate. Sarcasm can happen
  4. Health is no longer an issue. Only money as usual. Thailand should look at the rest of the world instead of thinking they are the navel to mother earth. Very few turist will arrive this year. Planes for holidays are made several months before traveling. Most who will arrive are the typical winterbirds who silly enough thinks thinks nothing has changed here. They are in for a big surprise
  5. Why do Thais always reinvent the deep plate. They always thinks they knows better than anyone in the universe. Fools
  6. Amazing a grown up man play doctor, things that normal people do as a child.
  7. Just another pet dog barking to cover up the biggest mistake for protecting the HISO business
  8. Most of the Thai society seems to be build on cheat and swindle. Just see the encroachment on Koh Larn and the restaurants and bars at the water front of Walking Street in Pattays and the list goes on. So why not some private schools too.
  9. They started a week ago. I got my first Pfizer jab the 18th and will get the next the 8th of September. Thank you to the US for the donation
  10. Thai Police makes the Mexican cartels looking like kindergarten kids.
  11. Everyone here knows that probably take less than a week if that long before everything is back to normal Thai life where everything is only about money and safety is third or fourth priority again.
  12. Should have been done long time ago, but if there is no feedback they only drag their feets as usual.
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