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  1. The word famous was in there ....and I would dispute that. Infamous ??? ......... gives him too much recognition.
  2. Is true. You miss alcohol from your list. Where I live in Chonburi I go to Thai ran-a-han tonight, cook and 1 staff from Isaan......they are very friendly and are OK that I use my little bit of Thai language.
  3. Thank you Gill.................unfortunately I don't have the 13 digit ID number anywhere om the form I got from Bang Sue.. My best chance maybe to get that sorted out when I go for my second jab at a local hospital.
  4. They have pigs and chickens in abundance....so why not. Get yourself to a low price Thai hotel so you can enjoy khao tom.
  5. First class Pad Krappow pizza is available locally..not a pineapple in sight; great with a beer.
  6. Employers set the terms of employment, employees accept those terms - or not. Similar to reports of Bangkok opening up for vaccinated travelers……..those are the terms that the authorities offer. I support the right not to vaccinate, but if that comes at a price versus others, the vast majority, who are following international medical advice - so be it. Principles, especially when in the minority, carry a cost.
  7. Of course there have been incidents of blood clots (more from Covid than vaccines). Covid remains potentially far more deadly than vaccines.
  8. Thank goodness for that. Long may that particular dog wag that particular tail.
  9. I think that is stretching it a bit..............although your point is perfectly valid. Oh wait........................Isn't Thailand somewhere between the two?
  10. Fingers crossed for you, I hope you get the change to amber at tomorrow's review.
  11. As I keep saying, this is not about (mass) testing. Remember, Thailand previously held amber status before the last review. The Department of Transport said that it has made the decision to move Thailand and Montenegro to the red list because to reflect "the increased case rates in these countries and the higher risk that travel from these countries poses to UK public health". It added in a statement: "The high rates combined with lower levels of published genomic surveillance in Thailand and Montenegro than other countries, mean that an outbreak of a new variant or existing variants of concern (VOC) or variants under investigation (VUI) cannot be easily identified before it is imported and seeded across the UK." Genomic surveillance is not mass testing! I am an analytical expert and I predict that Thailand will revert to amber on the 16th September review, or the 7th October review. The country will be opened by 1st November so might as well change to amber now.
  12. From your later posts you don't sound that interested in the vaccination. If you are, I would check your registration because EVERY Farang that I know in the area has had at least one jab, most (where Pfizer was involved) have had 2.
  13. That also sounds like a good excuse for not having the vaccine. I guess that you will at least have read that the Covid mortality rates for a 76 year old are somewhat higher than the population as a whole. My crematorium in the UK has been kept extra busy with 75+ year olds who weren't vaccinated. Never mind, vaccinations are not yet compulsory (although it could be interesting if Immigration get their teeth into it ...don't worry, they won't), just keep your head down and keep reading Blue Sphinx's posts.
  14. Rest assured that those EMS boys will find a hospital bed for any seriously injured Farang.
  15. Stop wondering. They will tolerate as long as the authorities choose to enforce it.
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