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  1. I am not in tune with all of your posts but that was an extremely well-balanced contribution. Thank you.
  2. You make it sound like the FDA are against vaccination - which they are not. The FDA concluded that "for most people" the existing vaccination programme provided adequate protection against the worst effects of Covid.. Constantly evaluating is what good administrators do. In the UK the administrators feel differently:- https://www.bbc.com/news/health-58550833
  3. If you choose to live in the outback, you quickly learn to play by local rules.
  4. They are not. Sinovac/Sinovac was the early strategy......................before the impact of the Delta variant. The government policy is now Sinovac/AZ
  5. I am only aware of BPH doing it...at Central Festival, first come first served. https://thepattayanews.com/2021/09/20/bangkok-hospital-pattaya-to-offer-pfizer-walk-in-for-foreigners-18-on-tuesday-afternoon-first-come-first-serve/
  6. Watched him in my first ever First Division 1 match .... Forest vs Spurs at City Ground in 1967. The great man scored in a 1-1 draw. 35 years later I booked him to speak at Felixstowe Freight Club Lunch........ very entertaining and an absolute gentleman.
  7. I don't see much rice being cut by hand these days.
  8. Bangkok Hospital Pattaya to offer Pfizer walk-in for foreigners 18+ on Tuesday afternoon
  9. If you are looking for "Tiger Light" I suggest you pay attention to the previous posts. It is everywhere in Thailand....notably MAKRO and any beer shop.
  10. Singha Light was my favourite tipple at one time. MY BEER is not Singha Light - whatever the Thais might say. I don't know about 'Crystal' Light, but I regularly drink Tiger Light (as above)
  11. San Miguel ZERO. abv 3% calories 60 Tiger Light: abv 4.1% calories 110 Thatchers Gold 4.8% abv calories (pint) 230 I worked out that I could have 3 pints of Thatchers 690 calories 6 Tiger Light = 660 calories Or 11 SM Zero.
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