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  1. Thanks for all the info, and fixing my perception of HH. :) I guess we'll look to do snorkel/scuba in somewhere like Phuket.
  2. I could have misinterpreted this so forgive me, but I thought I heard Tim say there are people who went to Phuket for 7 days, and then to Samui? Is that possible, or just people are doing it anyway? Either way, not in any rush to get out there as my plans aren't until January. But definitely heeding some of the wisdom of members here to stay just stay home until things are clear. If they ever are lol.
  3. Super, thank you. Added to the list. :)
  4. Hoping to make it to Hua Hin in January. Any recommendations on sights and activities? I'd really like to do some scuba diving.
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