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  1. Is this anyway related to Thai Penal Code #698008s?.... Is the reason I go commando in LOS--which is apparently illegal -!!!!? Catch me if you can!
  2. Translation---Give the BKK Gov his cut or hes sticking to this pushback..
  3. Dear Thailand, The World is Watching......your true colors are showing....as the well runs even drier...
  4. Add yet another disappointment to my Thai exps list.....feel like a donkey with a carrot on a stick....sigh
  5. Starting to see once again how thailand is blinded to facts and has its focus only on one thing--greed Always only seeing the trees..never the forest surrounding them....hence the saying "Money #1" Gotta ever wonder if any of the thai fellas in charge ever opened up sites like this to read what WE want... "WE" being the ones with the "money" the thai fellas are hyper-focused on 24/7 Careful LOS...dont bite the hand that feeds(thais attack and bite anyways,as they refuse to listen) So i counter with a thai saying" Som Naam naa"........aka you reap what you sow
  6. Yep with the lil ear pick....and also got a straight razor shave in Laos once..yikes!!! I live right by "My Vietnam" rest in CM--canal rd left of Hello So lao rest...they have great food and I always get the huge bahn mi there...arroy dee! 250 bt...for a nice meal....my hiso meal when Im jonesin for one
  7. Id rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints, the sinners are much more fun...only the good die young BIlly Joel......(funfact I used to do catering and actually worked his concert and other bands)
  8. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/amazon-kroger-and-walmart-cheaper-rapid-covid-19-tests/ I mentioned this the other day for PCR tests and now selling at cost about 1250 bt each for 3 for 4000 would sound about right opposed to the 8000!!!!....Makes sense to do the SOP but will thai logic and saving face allow it? I hope so....maybe they are finally tired of spinning this and seeing the well has run dry As usual, hopeful but have been burned many times in LOS.....your move Thailand--put up or shut up
  9. will compost my body after SS does its work..ashes to ashes dust to dust
  10. I prefer sangsom, a fine choice for rotting things..
  11. agreed my dad gave me his old single blade razor u open up to drop the blade in...i tried to bring it to LOS with my carry on...made it all the way to Oslo and they took my good blades and sent me on my way :(
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