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  1. not "trying" to pin it on Wuhan, just following where the path takes me. I dont think anyone doubts this whole thing started in Wuhan, the question is whether it started because people were eating bats at a time of year where bats arnt even present in that market (winter) or if maybe it had something to do with the lab that happens to be down the street which studies the same virus(es) in question.
  2. If you can question it, its science. If not, its propaganda
  3. Its misinformation until months or years later when they admit it was the truth all along. Kinda like how they censored the COVID origin story (lab leak) for about a year and a half until they finally admitted the truth.
  4. Finally a doctor saying the obvious, everyone will contract the virus and there are no measures that will stop this, if only they could adjust policies accordingly and stop trying to stop the inevitable. All the measures put in place are doing is exacerbating the problem.
  5. This was the one and only time i think i have ever agreed with Biden/Harris. Too bad they flipped once in office.
  6. I wonder if they will still be thanking him once they start to feel the side effects
  7. How do they know this? A PCR test doesnt give you this type of information. It seems they just saw whatever they want and nobody is allowed to question.
  8. Good thing they were apprehended, if they got away with this others might as well. Next thing you know the population might be set free from their home imprisonment. Freedom and liberty cannot be tolerated
  9. i am very curious for you to back up any of the claims you just made. The most generous data for the USA would be around 34 million cases with 610k deaths. puts it at 1.7% and that is if you believe that everyone who got covid was recorded as such and all the deaths were due to covid when they have already stated that many of those people died "with" covid. why should the people not scared of covid "stay home" while those who are scared shouldnt?
  10. The reason why i am on the forums is to keep an eye on what is happening within Thailand. My wife is Thai, we have a house there and I hope to return if things ever got back to something that resembles normal. When first pushed here (USA), the vaccine was absolutely touted as preventing the spread. Once the data didnt line up they changed the goalpost like they did with covid itself. What use is a "vaccine" if it doesnt protect you from contracting an illness? Even with the goal post moved the VAER's website for each of the last two weeks documented more deaths from the shot than from the illness. hard pass for me
  11. proven effective? have you seen the number of people "testing positive" who have had these vaccines? my mind is blown by all the people who now trust the large pharma companies. they are offering up an experiment and people are lining up. saw a person getting wheeled out of a vax site on a stretcher and not a single person in line re-thought the decision they are about to make.
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