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  1. "Many travellers have expressed reservation to plan their travels to Thailand..." I too have reservation about my reservation for Travels to Thailand
  2. it is akin to Killing a great idea BEFORE it even start.
  3. I agreed, the show should have a WARNING for audience not to imitate the brutal violence, especially the RTP, please do not imitate.
  4. I'm wondering those on Quarantine think of escaping the fire or stay cos they are on Quarantine . . . the perils . . .
  5. Red list of countries and territories Afghanistan Angola Argentina Bolivia Botswana Brazil Burundi Cape Verde Chile Colombia Congo (Democratic Republic) Costa Rica Cuba Dominican Republic Ecuador Eritrea Eswatini Ethiopia French Guiana Georgia Guyana Haiti Indonesia Lesotho Malawi Mayotte Mexico Mongolia Montenegro Mozambique Myanmar Namibia Nepal Panama Paraguay Peru Philippines Réunion Rwanda Seychelles Sierra Leone Somalia South Africa Sudan Suriname Tanzania Thailand Trinidad and Tobago Tunisia Uganda Uruguay Venezuela Zambia Zimbabwe
  6. this got NOTHING to do with religion EXCEPT to use it as a disguise, it is run as a business and a badly managed one.
  7. Being a Singaporean, the lure of Travel is great, but the fear of quarantine once back home is even greater.
  8. 737 MAX should be the safest now since it is the most inspected, ahem.
  9. "The bear made famous in the viral video posted to Facebook could not be reached at this time for comment." Please bear with it for now.
  10. Nope, HISO love to be seen. Yumcha at chic cafe is a past time while the helpers with the shopping bags are standing outside, HISO score more points if they have more than 1 helper.
  11. Everyone deserves a day off to drink beer and eat roast pork BUT this is Covid era, they shouldn't be gathering.
  12. "The highest ranking officer, Thitisan, has already been dismissed for his alleged involvement in the torture death. Thitisan is also known as “Jo Ferrari” for his extensive sports car collection. " Now we know how as a Police Officer can afford not just 1 but extensive sports car collection,
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