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  1. this got NOTHING to do with religion EXCEPT to use it as a disguise, it is run as a business and a badly managed one.
  2. Being a Singaporean, the lure of Travel is great, but the fear of quarantine once back home is even greater.
  3. 737 MAX should be the safest now since it is the most inspected, ahem.
  4. "The bear made famous in the viral video posted to Facebook could not be reached at this time for comment." Please bear with it for now.
  5. Nope, HISO love to be seen. Yumcha at chic cafe is a past time while the helpers with the shopping bags are standing outside, HISO score more points if they have more than 1 helper.
  6. Everyone deserves a day off to drink beer and eat roast pork BUT this is Covid era, they shouldn't be gathering.
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