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  1. You are right. Generalisations are not the best way of making a point. I see that you saw my comment by way of an apology in reply to @MelBurnand responded graciously. Best wishes.
  2. With the benefit of hindsight, that might have been a better reply from me to James E
  3. Never been to Columbia. Have you seen the recent vids on Youtube from Phuket. Streets are pretty deserted and most of the shops are shuttered. Chinatown is such a dynamic place of interest right now, that there have been no new YT vids from there in 8 months. Recent vids of Phuket show plenty of shuttered shops. I see no reason to believe that Chinatown might be any different.
  4. Regarding your latest question, this is because the nominated hotels have complied with certain standards of hygiene to reduce the spread as well ensuring that at least 70% of the staff have been vaxxed. I am not sure if this has led to them raising prices, but you can book either directly through the ASQ link, or find the same hotel on Agoda at a decent discount. I looked at the Clover Hotel which is rated 4* and it was initially 1200 per night on ASQ, but 900 on Agoda. Now both sites are advertising 900 ($30 USD/€23).
  5. What a great idea! I would really love to visit Chinatown and see all those shuttered shops.
  6. So are you saying that Phuket's "Patient Zero Sandboxer" entered under false credentials? A more likely explanation is that he was in fact vaxxed with Sinovax, and the efficacy of that ranks alongside a chocolate fireguard for protection. BTW, how does your system get around the need for a QR code that most vax passports and PCR tests are supplied with? I'd guess that if you tested positive after producing a faked QR code, you'd be doing your isolation in a Thai Prison.
  7. I am still waiting for a response to my original point where you seemed to imply that lockdowns don't work. It seems that when you are confronted with evidence to the contrary, you want to go off point. I am not sure how you consider me "privileged" unless it's in relation to TH, but I am past retirement age, and still working, and my business has declined 70% under lockdown. Regardless, on the issue of being compensated by my gov, both my wife and I are in high risk groups regarding underlying conditions. Nothing could be further from my mind than seeking compensation for my losses because the gov took measures to protect both our lives. As I said in my previous post, there will undoubtedly be many business owners who would have died had the gov not ordered lockdowns. If I had to choose between bankruptcy and death I would not be choosing the latter. And as you point out, we enjoy certain advantages in Europe, but if you think a poorer country should not be doing it's best to mitigate this pandemic because of their relative poverty, you are part of the problem, and not the solution.
  8. I don't see the relevance of your post. I was questioning your apparent assertion that lockdowns don't work. Like all choices, they have consequences. That being the case, the question is do we want to save lives or do we want to save businesses? I have great sympathy for those whose businesses have suffered, but I also have to ask the question, how many of those who have suffered such losses may have died or seen family, friends or employees die had there been no lockdowns or restrictions? They may or not recover from this financially, but you don't recover from death.
  9. A worthy objective, but sooner or later the CT's would be claiming that this forum is part of the Conspiracy against them.
  10. That's the perverse beauty of a CT. They can never be proved, and rarely disproved. When listening to CT's about Kennedy, there are probably 1000 different theories, which means that at least 999 are wrong. There is Prince Philip ordered the murder of Princess Diana. Churchill organised the plane crash that killed Sikorski. The "deep state" rigged Biden's win etc. What all these stories have in common, is that they are all unproveable and they sell books and newspapers, though the favoured currency in this era is "clicks".
  11. BA have a long established of "upgrading" those who might be able to help them such as MP's and sitting members of the Lords. It used to be fairly common practice for MP's secretaries to book direct with BA asking for an economy seat, and making sure that the person taking the booking was aware that it was an MP who was flying. If there was space in Business Class, an upgrade was usual.
  12. 5 mins 37 secs to say something that could have been said in 30 secs. The longer he went on, the lower my assessment of his intellect became. Yes! I know that might sound patronising, but what did we learn from him? Thai's put family first! Are there any cultures who do not value family above everything?
  13. After much deliberation, I have chosen "Zulu" as my favourite Old British Film. I think 1964 is old enough. I am sure most of us know the story, so my synopsis with the benefit of being a bit wiser on the true history of these events is, "What the British Empire did best! Invading other countries and massacring the natives"! However, I've probably seen it a dozen times, and it is a rousing story. Apart from starring in the film, Stanley Baker also produced it. It was very much a labour of love for Baker because it was about a detachment of heroic mainly Welsh soldiers, and Baker was a Taffy.
  14. I've just recently returned from Colombia. I have the EU digital vax passport. There is no longer a PCR requirement to enter Colombia. However, I needed one to board the flight because I was changing at AMS, and again for the return home. Vaxxing does not guarantee safety from infection. On the very first flight into Phuket on the Sandbox scheme, one person who had taken a PCR test before flying and was vaxxed, was found to be infected following his test on arrival at Phuket. I am not sure of the exact figure, but there have already been dozens of cases of infections detected in arrivals at Phuket, and in every case, they were vaxxed and posted negative on their pre-flight PCR test. As far as that part of your question is concerned, proof of vaccine does not mean that you are immune from infection. As far as testing is concerned why do you think TH should pay for this? Just in case you are unaware, if you did decide to visit, regardless of your vax status and PCR tests, I believe you are currently required to do 14 days in quarantine if you go anywhere other than KS or Phuket. I can't really understand why unless it was a matter of necessity, that anyone would want to go to TH at present.
  15. Both were Hollywood produced. But in fairness, of the three major productions to date of Hunchback, Laughton's portrayal was the best.
  16. I am having trouble understanding all these Sandbox proposals. I can understand Phuket and KS, because being islands it is possible to cut off access to these places and do health screening. Of course that does not seem to have worked very well in either case, but how are you going to screen out people entering BKK, Pattaya etc? If the route is a vax threshold of say 70% of locals, bearing in mind the lack of efficacy of Sinovax, which is the most widely used, you might as well give them sticking plasters for all the likely protection this will afford.
  17. You might want to take a look at Croatia as a stepping stone to the UK. Three members of the Spurs football team who went to S. America for the recent World Cup Qualifiers without the club's permission, have flown to Croatia to avoid hotel quarantine in the UK. After 10 days, they are free to enter the UK without undergoing hotel quarantine, though I think they will still need to be vaxxed and produce a PCR test: https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11675/12408478/tottenham-trio-giovani-lo-celso-cristian-romero-and-davinson-sanchez-could-face-chelsea I don't know if it would be any cheaper for you, but at least you wouldn't be in "Hotel Jail"
  18. What a tragic remake Tom Hanks made of this. I think it ranks with Maddona's "American Pie" in the category of, "You had to go and spoil it".
  19. Confused about this headline: Should it be Thursday 16th Sep, or Friday 17th?
  20. Am I to take it from your post, that lockdowns don't work? Perhaps you should take a look at the new UK infections here: https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/uk/ You will see that each spike followed on from lockdown restrictions being eased. The earlier troughs were as a result of restrictions being increased. Allow a few days for the "lag effect" to kick in, and you can link the ups and downs to easing/toughening of restrictions. Coincidence or consequence?
  21. In order to investigate a country, it has to be a member/signatory to the ICC. Phils was but when the ICC announced that it was investigating Duterte Harry, they withdrew from the org. But the ICC has jurisdiction to investigate all allegations made against him prior to that withdrawal.
  22. And on that subject, have you ever been on a flight which seems pretty routine including the landing? These always worry me. Why are we applauding someone for doing his routine highly paid job? I can understand applauding a kid for perhaps scoring his first goal in a football game, but what is so special tat they feel the need to applaud this achievement? I start thinking to myself, "Maybe he's new to this game? Perhaps last week he was delivering pizzas for Dominos? Why am I the only person on the plane who hasn't been told that he never passed his motor-bike driving test before they upgraded him to a 787"?
  23. A similar quote that I once heard, "Educations is not the assimilation of facts, but the understanding of them".
  24. So it wasn't the Illuminati, Deep State, New World Order, Freemasons or Lizards? One must be grateful for small mercies, but sooner or later, the evidence of their involvement will be exposed.
  25. Ah! That clears that mystery up for me. Who'd a thunk the explanation could be so simple?
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