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  1. Unfortunately, this looks to be a hard reality check for the TAT and Gov here. The airlines have already lost fortunes and cannot afford more indecision for their planning.
  2. Well there's 50 states, so that's only 6 each. Even if the audit report from Arizona is only "almost" correct, multiple problems exist which need remedies.
  3. Biden seems to be incapable of being clear about much of anything and, after the recent debacle in Afghanistan, I doubt that the Taiwanese will put too much trust in what he says.
  4. Several conditions don't really give us a rerun of 1997. The value of the baht is still mainly determined by the relative values of the USD and Euro. If we get 50 baht to the pound before end of 2021, I would be thankful.
  5. Managed to avoid the VDO last time but recently watched the same (or I guess a similar) one for the online part of the "training" for my next renewal. One of the interruptor questions that comes up was something like "If you were intending to make a turn at the next junction, how far ahead would you start to indicate? I think the choice of answers was 5, 10 or 30 metres and their "correct" answer was 10, which is about one second of time at about 40 kph! Just part of the reason that the driving here is so bad! NB: I kept putting in the maximum 30m answer and passed anyway! Tickety boo!
  6. No I didn't claim that. That reference was regarding the eye and reaction tests, which I had to do when I got my first Thai license (with International Permit) and subsequent renewals of that.
  7. From some comments here, there seems to be some doubt.
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