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  1. the stamp comes from the ministery of foreign affairs when you translate your marriage certificate to Thai.
  2. not really because the shouldn't known better comes from "anti vaxxers". They dictate how bad it is for people being vaccinated and they don't want it. They are living like myself in Thailand so yes I can't wait for the scenario like @JamesEwrote down perfectly by next year and the friendly Somchai's helping all these people to go to where the f*** you can go without vaccinations or using the right of deportation to get rid of the anti vaxxers - which means you go to the country of which your passport originates from and mostlikely these will dictate you being vaccinated and if not examples exists already in most European countries (Belgium, France, Germany, Holland) you won't be allowed into any restaurants so in here it would mean no more 'boom boom' for you.
  3. I agree with this message in the fullest extend. I'm done with the anti-vaxxers dictating vaxxing people how to behave or that we 'should've known better'. Don't get me wrong I'll repeat this message a billion times, I've been vaccinated as a kid and back then nobody cared to ask what was in the vaccine - There wasn't a need for this much 'proof' everybody wants to see these days. FFS people just get vaccinated so the world can be 'normal' again. The fact that your clinging on-to your rights of freedom because don't want to be vaccinated. Really.... you didn't get any vaccination as a kid against chickenpox for example. I can't wait till we are in sane numbers here in Thailand and panic isn't the default standard and yes foreigners with a non-something be advised to just vaccinate now as it's available for free and you can atleast get some form of protection as stated before all the new covid infections and deaths are still the stubborn part of the world. I still suggest world leaders to decide which country in Africa they decide to evacuate and make it the land of the 'free' where all the none vaxxers can live without health care since those rights on a respiratory device should be signed off due to not wanting vaccinations.
  4. to be honest, I don't think Thailand is on the top 3 places in the world to look for investment opportunities. This isn't because of the whole land ownership start a company and get rid of this problem. From an investors prospectus you don't know what your investing in too much uncertainties. Most buildings really need to be completely turned in-to a car park and they still want millions for it.
  5. This for me was the same. They know no 'limits'. It didn't stop me from taking a Russian Wife through.
  6. Should I use a lawyer - off-course your trying to buy something in a foreign country. sorry but, this is confusing how do you see a company as a scam, it's not necessarily because of the condominium maximum occupation by foreigners. If your not in this part your in Though luck. You will need a company.
  7. yes but this isn't limited to Phuket, the broader Thailand will have the same problem. If they can do something they are working somewhere for a beyond average pay and you need to want to buy them out for even more pay.... which means loyalty is jack shit. People tend to be happy where they are.. There are no limitations on Thais moving around the country. It's a bit more expensive and a pain to get stuff even through the Apple website tends to hurt your ass. You'll find this in many places around the world. How do you see this possible as "hiring" a expat would imply needing a work permit which on it's own will then mean hiring 4 Thais again. Anyways good luck. If you have any questions be sure to ask them and I'll do my best. My view on the IT job market in Thailand is that Talent hub seems to be located in Bangkok, even through what one would call talent there doesn't mean it's considered Talent in the Western world, meanwhile they do want a Western world salary because they stand out in the crowd/cornfield.
  8. I think your being sarcastic here. I think it's completely the extend of the "Mai pen rai" culture you will see in regards to anything security related... Oh we make a website which has "sensitive data"... do we need a password... ah mai pen rai.
  9. I tend to not like to put any data of mine in a Thai system due to the fact it will get compromised at some point. I don't know what Thailands big idea is in regards of this but... perhaps some 'Western Leadership' might be a good idea.... but wait a minute cannot listen to foreigners, skip that.
  10. Sure, I got the XADV in my better days, these days I wouldn't buy it - I guess I would get a 300cc something (the cross between adv and xadv should still come). I'm a big guy (+- 2m in length) and the XADV is a heavy f***er too but a Rebel is too small for me.
  11. for open road i don't consider anything less then 300cc "performing". Just my two cents. It's the main reason why I have the XADV.
  12. same as adv ;-) you can't keep a dog between your legs... due to the more secure build.
  13. pcx is a ugly bike just truth. the adv is way more nice in my opinion.
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