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  1. Perhaps I am too harsh on the Thais. They are very good on their Smart phones. I was never taught to read a map. it was natural to me, perhaps ( shock horror) Thais cannot read a map because there is a racial deficient lack of spatial awareness, or they are just stupid.
  2. Another day and another Thai scam exposed . Person report me on this forum because they claim I am anti Thai. How can I not be when these rotten foul scams are published. What is worse Is that is likely the people guilty will pay off the cops and go free.
  3. I expected something better than this. I expected a magician's trick, however this clumsy trick worked, so that is all that mattered. £2.2 million in diamonds, however that is only retail value I think, and Bond Street retail value also.
  4. My experience of Thais is they are incapable of reading a map. They do not seem to have the intelligence, hence they need GPS, but GPS might not warn of bridge heights, and would there be a facility on GPS to input the height of the vehicle?
  5. Five and a half years in jail and she still has 4.2 million in diamonds. She will be out in two years 8 months and still have the diamonds. British justice is a joke.
  6. They cannot manage. They need the The American Red Cross, and the Red Crescent to arrive and save them. With NO visa fees.
  7. I've looked up their prices. Would 4 Star Marine be cheaper?
  8. And the religious wife who told her broke husband. "The Devil made me buy that dress."
  9. Yes Yes I realise that now Stonker - he is right. You would have said Hitler was perfectly reasonable if he had been a Thai
  10. I quite agree and include farcical, false, feebleminded, foolish, foolhardy, and frustrating.
  11. Are you sure this is in Phnom Penh? I don't know of it, but I see there is a Blue Moon Bar in Sihanoukville.
  12. I'm delighted. I hope they go on to have a treble dip recession. They are keeping the tourists out with their money making rules and also keeping out the investors. They will not change because the Thais continue their old ways of scamming the tourists, officially and in private enterprise. Plus the ones at the top who make the rules are unaffected by the country failing - their money is in the bank safe in a foreign countries. Die Thailand die. You had it good but you killed the golden goose.
  13. Well I will give him credit for being inventive. Camera angles are to blame. A new excuse that i have never heard before. This reminds me of an excuse that a bricklayer gave when they said his garden wall was not straight. "It is straight. It might not look it but that is an optical illusion."
  14. They might as well use the trains this way, few are traveling . . .
  15. Why have appointments anyway? In the UK they are setting up tents at pop festivals for young people to have the vaccines. They will just walk in, walk out. In the US pharmacies give vaccines free. Just walk in. However the Thai with their love of power and control, want the peasants lining up in the rain with two forms filled in, to go to a window just to obtain an appointment! The officials with their lines of fake medals revel in it.
  16. I have debated all this before with Stonker. I do not wish to repeat the same. I will just write this. In the UK the British tax payer pays for all the museums, all the state attractions, every thing that might be classed as an attractions, yet Thais do not pay any more than a British subject does. All the private entertainment enterprises do not charge Thais more than the British. For certain matters Thais can even use our National Health Service free. Now please I do not want to go into a long justification of what I have posted. You check and you will find I am correct.
  17. Did you not know? Some might say we are lucky to have him - not me. lol
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